Dinner Party

In creative Writing we had to write about a dinner party with 5 characters from things we have read.This is what I have so far


1. Sirius and Remus thow a party

Sirius Black and his best friend Remus Lupin were getting ready for a party.

"Padfoot you have to turn back into a human and help me!" Remus demanded, "This party was your idea."

In three seconds Sirius went from a dog to human.

"I got the table set."Sirius said. "What time are our two lovely guests coming?"

"They should be here any time." Remus stated looking out the window, "hmm look at that crow outside."

All of a sudden the doorbell went off at Grimmauld place. At the door was this beautiful young teenager with the crow next to her.

"Elena!" Sirius said happily, "How are you?"

"I'm fine thank you." Elena smiled.

Elenas smile faded away as she said "Come on Damon turn back into a vampire, Sirius isn't a dog right now."

Then that Crow transformed into a very mysterious good looking vampire.

As they walked in Sirius asked, "May I take your jackets?"

"Ahh Elena, Damon it's nice to see you!" Remus said, "How is my fellow werewolf Tyler?"

The two looked at each other and responded "Annoying like usual!"

"Yes that Tyler can be something i'll tell ya!" Remus said.

They all then took their seats for dinner.

"This is delicious!" Elena said taking a bite of lamb.

"Yes it is and thank you for the blood" Damon added.

"Why Thank yo---"Sirius started to say.

The doorbell went off

"That's odd!" Remus said puzzled, "Everyone is already here."

Sirius stood up and went to the door. Standing there is a little girl with brown stringy hair.

The little girl said, "Hi, my name is Junie B. Jones. The B stands for Beatrice, except I don't like Beatrice. I just like B. and that's all."

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