Help Me If You Can

Lilly Green is pretty much a normal girl, does normal things like normal stuff, but gets tortured by her family and bullied at school.

Harry Styles is a lovely but kind off guy he is in the biggest boy band on the planet but when he gets a message of a girl asking for help what will he do? help her? or stay safe and carry on living his dream.....


1. Chapter 1

Lilly POV

I walk through the doors trying to avoid anybody.

Just to get to my locker is enough to end my day but sadly it isn't, If I could just have at least someone who cared for me I would be happy, If someone cared for me and loved me just some thing would make my day, Barney is the only good thing in my life, and no it is NOT my boyfriend its my dog.

Finally, I am at Mr Allen's class he hates me most, usually because I'm late,

''Miss Green late as usual '' He says whilst Shannon Dowler in the corner is chuckling, man I hate that girl.

''Actually....'' I start before getting interrupted by Shannon ''Mr Allen she was probably taking stuff out my locker, My watch and pen have already gone missing, well as she is poor it may be for the best so no Lilly I don't want it back''

''Don't be a bitch'' I mumble to myself.


At least Mr Allen's class is over now and it's time for lunch. I walk to the only empty chair which is by Jimmy's, what a surprise!

''Hey Lil'' I glare at him as per usual and walk off going to sit somewhere else on the way he slaps my but ''Okay I will do it another time'' he says and what he means by that is he will make out with me later, I went out with him one time just before I got bullied.


I walk down the street and unlock the door, Mum is sitting there smoking a fag, she never talks to me and if I dare to talk I get a punishment. But today's different. She had said tome that she was coming with her new boyfriend from work and he's bringing his son, Hopefully his son doesn't go to my school because then he wont know anything about me so then I can start something brand new!!


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