I wish that I could sail away...

These are a couple of poems I wrote about the sea a few years ago, and I wanted to share it with you guys! :)


1. I wish that I could sail away...



In a little cove where no one knows,

Where golden sand touches the oceans toes

Where worries and thoughts are washed away

By the peacefully pounding salty waves,

A place where the sun lights up their roars

A scene that lights up my mood and thoughts

Where seagulls sing and soar above,

The glittering rock pools that I love

And when rain falls, and thunder sounds,

When wind howls through caves like lonely hounds

I sit and watch the waves fall and rise,

And devour the storm before my eyes

Crashing together, against the wearing rocks

And then throw off my shoes and socks,

And feel freezing water froth at my feet

And feel wind on my face, drumming it’s beat

For then, I realise, that for right or for wrong,

This is the place where I belong.

I wish that I could sail away,

By the blowing wind or the rushing waves,

With the  gleaming sand beneath my feet,

And with the crumbling rocks as my only seat,

I wish that I could sail far,

From the sound of pollution, and the motors of cars

Where I can lie on my back, watch clouds roll by,

And fall asleep to the ocean’s sweet lullaby.

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