Finding the Light

3013. The population of the Earth now lives underground hiding from the nuclear waste that has been left behind.

But the time has come and two people must leave the shelter.


1. Leaving

Looking around in the dim light from the feeble bulb hanging overhead, Henry heaved the last of his bags over his shoulder. He understood that what he was about to do was for the good of the people but still his breath caught in his throat and his hands shook.

The minute metallic room had been his home for the past eight years of his life. He was more than used to the way the walls streaked easily when touched, the way that he could stretch his muscular arms out and touch the walls and the way that he always banged his head against the desk when he rolled out of bed in the morning. He inhaled the stale air of the room, counted to ten and prepared himself for what was about to come.

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