1. Friendship

The confidence you gave me

when we talked all night

you were by my side

when I was not right

you comforted me

when he acted like an ass

then you made sure I was all right

you caught me when I was falling

from being drunk

and didn’t let me say something I wouldn’t later like

you hugged me when I was crying

and said I’ve got nothing to worry about

and I’m gonna be fine

‘cause I’ve got what it takes

and that will be enough


you are a great friend to me

but even a greater mystery

I wish you told me

what was wrong

so that I could be there

when you are down

but you don’t want me around

when you’re hurting so bad


though you don’t understand

my obsession with him

you never judged me

not even a bit


you made fun of me

like friends usually do

that wasn’t nice but

I’m over it now


you were there

when  I needed you the most

and I hope you’ll find your happiness

like I intend to

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