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1. Phone call

Αηythιηg ζουld haρρεη
Jαrιαηα lσνε stσry

Hey im Ariana.. Grande, im 19 and im from Boca Raton, Florida. I live in L.A. at the moment. You might know me as the girl who has red hair and plays cat on VicTORIous. Or the perky chick with the bubbly personality or the girly girl who made a cover of Justin Bieber's "Die in your arms". You probably dont know much about me soo im going to tell you more. Ok sooo im going to release my debut album in 2013. I know its been a while since I said that but im really busy you know with Swindle, Sam &Cat I dont have time to you know go to radio stations make them listen to my album and go on interviews. Sooo yeah. Umm im a huuuge fan of rihanna.. She followed me on instagram! I literally screamed when it happened. My favorite song at the moment is get it over with and what now by rihanna. 
My phone started rigning. Unknown number leads to prank calls. Hmmm whatever. Ari: "Hello?" ??:" Hi Ari its me! I have good news! Ari: confused face" Daniel? Why is your number private and unknown?" Ok 
sooo you guys might be asking who is Daniel? Well he is my manager. Daniel:" I changed number. But anyways the good news is drum roll... Alison wich is a member of Justin Bieber's crew chose you for his new music video, I would. Soo she called me and asked me if you were into doing that! Sooo are you in? Ari:" Omg is this a joke?" Dani:" im serious!!" Ari:" well then yeah of course im in!! When is it?" Dani:" Ummmm today actually." Ari:" Dani!!" Dani:" ask for Bieber studio A and tell them that your Ariana Grande. Show them your ID! Got 2 go bye!" Ari:" Wait!!" Dani: Hangs up Ari: groans. phone vibrates Text convo: Its at 4. Ari: shiiit its in 30 minutes!!! I have to get ready right now! I got ready in 15 mins and went to my car and drove to Island Def Jam. I opened the door and went to the security guard. Ari:" Hi im ariana grande and im looking for Bieber studio A please. Security:" ID." Ari: hands him the ID. Security: looks at it. "Follow me please." Ari: follows. Goes in elevator. Walks in a hallway. Security:" 3rd door to the left. Just open it. Ari:" thank you soo much!" Security:" its kind of my job but your welcome." Ari walks to the door and opens it. Scooter:" Oh hi im scooter braun you must be Ariana Grande right? Ari:" yes. Its a pleasure to meet you. This studio looks hot!" Justin: pops out"More like SEXYY!" Ari: giggles. "Hi im Ariana." Justin:" Well hello sweetheart nice to meet you im Justin" takes her hand and kisses it. Scoots:fake coughs" Justin." Justin:" What? C'mon Scoot im 19." Scooter:" only after the video." Justin:" when do we start?" Scooter:" After we take care of Ariana. " 
Authors note****
Ok soooo basically this is my first story everrrr! Soo umm let me know what you think if I should continue or delete it. 
Free hugs!! 

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