Spy me a River

Miranda May Fox has been trained to be a spy for as long as she can remember. Her parents work for MI6, and they want Miranda to follow in their footsteps.
They sometimes take her on their mission, and she helps in every way she can.
But when she gets trapped in another country, she has to face a whole gang of criminals alone...


1. The Escape

I cracked my first lock when I was three. It was a Master Lock No.5, as I recall. They are easy to break, nothing compared to what I crack today. When I was seven, my parents took me on their first mission. Mum was in a 'cleaning job' at an office block to watch on her boss, who she suspected had thousands of stolen of stolen euro's in a safe which he kept behind a picture of himself. She was correct, of course, but she needed me to crack the lock which he had placed on there. Then my parents reported him to the police, and he was put in jail. Still there, I think. 

When I was ten, Dad taught me to drive. Sounds irresponsible and stupid, I know, but it has really helped me in life-or-death situations. He taught me how to do three-point turns and other fancy moves. Now I'm fourteen, I go on most of my parents' missions. And I am yet to overcome my biggest fear- going solo on a mission. It sounds so silly and weak, but I couldn't bear it if I let my parents down. What if I let criminals get away and someone gets hurt, or maybe even killed? My parents would hate me, and I don't think I can take that kind of rejection. 

It all started when I was all alone in my house whilst my parents were at a business meeting, spying on the boss. My Duck-Tolling retriever, Barney, was settled at my feet, his melting brown eyes fixated on me. I was sitting on my computer, trying to write a history report for school with a lollypop in my mouth. Suddenly, Barney jumped up, barking ferociously, and he ran to the door.

"What is it, Barnes?" I asked, putting my laptop down on the sofa and getting up to go and see what was bothering him. Barney growled angrily, baring his teeth. I opened the door and looked outside. It was raining heavily and I didn't really fancy going outside. "It's just nothing" I convinced myself. "Come on, Barnes." Barney didn't move. "Barney!" I yelled, and he loyally followed me back to the sitting room.

I suddenly heard a loud shatter of glass in the kitchen. This set Barney off again, he growled and ran to the kitchen.

"Barney!" I yelled. I tensed. This wasn't normal. I looked behind our sofa and found the gun which was kept there in-case-of-emergencies and grabbed it. I slowly crept around the door and looked into the kitchen. I saw Barney lying on the floor. I gasped. There was a tranquilizer in his back. I saw nobody in the kitchen. I stepped in, and suddenly I heard a creak. The hairs on the back of my neck rose. There was someone on my staircase. I walked out of the kitchen and tip-toed over to the stairs. As I looked up them, I heard a click of a gun. I suddenly spun around and saw four of the many members of The Triangle. 

The Triangle are an international group of evil spies which do anything they can to get cash. They don't bother with thousands, but are interested in millions. Mum and Dad were supposed to be spying on one at their meeting, and these lot obviously knew that, as they came here, probably to kill me. Perfect!

"Ohmygosh!" I exclaimed, pointing behind the gang members. They all turned to look so I ran past them, back into the kitchen. I saw Barney lying on the floor and so badly wanted to save him, but I knew it would be the death of me. I ran straight past him and I could hear the gunshots behind me. Boy, these people really wanted me dead! I turned around suddenly and shot at them with my gun. A gun fell out of one of the gang's hand and I grabbed it. I threw it at the glass doors in the kitchen and raced outside. 

I was in the back garden. I went through the wooden door which lead the back garden to the front garden. I had to escape. I grabbed the keys of my car (yes, I have a car) out of my pocket, and unlocked it. I jumped in and raced out of the drive. the last thing I saw were the gang members getting into their car and coming after me. I had to get out of the country. I would be tracked down. I needed to go to the airport. 

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