Hansel's Life as an Egret

A bird named Hansel sought out for her family after being separated from her family by humans bulldozing their habitat for buildings and houses. By being separated from her family in the Amazonian Forests, 1894, Hansel's adventure is just a step ahead from him.


1. The Birth of an Egret

     Bulldozers lunged into the soil and destroyed the nature in it, throwing it into the tall, vast dirt pile in the middle of the fleet. Kilometres away, the egg tooth of an egret cracked a little peephole just small enough for the curious eye to see. And that eye spotted beautiful parrots flying by, monkeys screeching with excitement, and frogs by the ponds hopping energetically. The little egret seemed to enjoy it, so the little nestling burrowed out of it's eggshell. A giant egret spotted the hopping egret, and flew over to it. "By my name!" the giant egret tweeted, "Flora!" "Yes, Warren?" a female egret called.

"One of the eggs cracked!"

"Oh, oh, oh!"

"What are we going to call her?"

"What do you think?"


"It's a girl, Warren."


"How about, Hansel?"

"That's a wonderful name."

     And Hansel was the egret's name. Two other cracks appeared on holes after hearing the excited chirping of egrets, wakening the two nestlings' slumbers. "Oh, oh oh! Two more! My babies!" Then that was the birth of Wayne and Valerie. Feeding time is what the egrets loved most, but the three nestlings had no idea what the egrets were tweeting about. As soon as the little nestlings saw the slimy and wiggling worm, they chirped like maniacs. After feeding time, the nestlings' empty stomach became as plump as kiwi. But then, it happened...



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