Not enough time

Harry is the popular boy, the one everybody loves, his best friend Louis and Zayn area always by his side, snickering at the ‘low lifes.’ But when he becomes friends with the school rejects things start to spiral out of control. And Niall and Liam think they can take matters into their own hands.
(The idea came from the book nineteen minutes so all idea/plot credit goes to Jodi Picoult!)


1. Part 1

“In nineteen minutes, you can mow the front lawn; color your hair; watch a third of a hockey game. In nineteen minutes, you can bake scones or get a tooth filled bya dentist; you can fold laundry for a family of five.In nineteen minutes, you can stop the world; or you can just jump off it.”


Harry pov


“Take out the garbage before you leave.” My mom yelled down into the kitchen, as I attempted to eat my breakfast fully without being late to school. Again. “And the Horans are coming over tonight so come home right after practice!”


The Horans, awesome. That meant two hours of awkward family talk about ‘the way it used to be’ and then an hour of game playing with Niall, where we wouldn’t talk and then pretend it didn’t happen until our families were thrown together again.


It’s not that I didn’t like Niall, we used to be best friends. But things change and I was a jerk to him once in secondary school and we haven’t been friends since then.


I had just got my first girlfriend and she was quite popular, I don’t know what she saw in me but it was something and now people were starting to be my friend. Nothing like it was when I was a kid, bullied all the time, only one friend. That friend was Niall and when he told me that he had a crush on my new girlfriend best friend I thought it would be a good idea to help him out.


So I set them up. But I didn’t know that she was going to be so sinister towards the whole idea. She snickered the whole time I told her my plan, but eventually she agreed to meet with him in the front of the school. I was thrilled. And then it all went downhill. She mocked him, and tormented him, humiliated him in front of out whole grade.


That was the last time I really talked to Niall. He just assumed that I had been a part of the whole prank and never spoke to me again. Sure, I tried to get him to talk to me but there is only so much I could do, and finally I just gave up.


“Harry did you hear me. Garbage now.” My mom barked grabbing her bag off the table, and kissing my cheek. “Don’t be late again this week!”


Looks like i’m not going to finish my breakfast, if i’m going to take the garbage out and get to school on time.


I dropped my bowl in the sink, pondering the thought to wash it and then denied my thoughts and grabbed the garbage. Time for hell.



“Hey Haz over here!” Louis waved from our lab station. Another lab, awesome. I got here early for this. Great.


“We’re partners.” Louis beamed tousling his hair.


“Who are the other set of partners?” I asked motioning to the other side of the lab station.


“Dunno. Mr. Walker is still assigning them. Hope we don’t get stuck with no homos.” He shoved his elbow into my side and I let out a small chuckle. It wasn’t really my place to judge someone on their orientation but whatever was floating Louis boat today was fine by me.


“Horan! Payne! You’re with Styles and Tomlinson!” Mr. Walker shouted over a group of girls, pointing towards our station.


My day just keeps getting better and better. I waited to hear what Louis had to say about it. He never could keep his mouth shut and he always had something rude to say, especially to Liam.


Liam Payne. My old best friends new best friend. He transferred a few years after the ‘incident’ and when they were paired up on an assignment they became good friends. But my now ‘best friend’ hated them, they were the low lifes, the bottom of the high school food chain, loners.


“Great homos.” Louis didn’t even mumble, he just spoke full on, eyes locked with Nialls. But what really set Louis off was when Liams hand extended towards us ‘I’m Liam’ he smiled genuinely reaching out.


“Are you trying to touch me?” Louis snapped, smacking at Liams hand. He quickly jolted back fumbling into his seat. “Don’t touch me.” I watched as Liams eyes met Nialls and began to glisten. Instantly I felt bad, how had I gone from one of them to whatever I was now?


“Alright one pig per lab station. Work together. Follow the instruction on the worksheet, and i’ll be here if you need anything.” Mr. Walker shrugged off the fact that half the class wasn’t listening at all and walked back to his desk.


Louis had pulled out his phone and was scrolling through twitter. Niall and Liam were both reviewing caught in small conversation. Niall had his hand on Liams back and was trying to console him. Saying things like ‘It will be okay’ and ‘Just remember the plan.’


I guess it was just a matter of time before Louis came back to reality and started back as his normal self. Might as well just look passed him and get started with the project. A dead pig, awesome.



“Set the table?” My mom asked, pressing the plates in my direction. I didn’t say no. I never said no, because when your sister leaves for university and it’s just you and her you don’t say no.


“Was school okay? Anything exciting happen?” Her mood lifted abruptly as the doorbell rang. “I guess you can just tell me during dinner.” She smiled my smile and walked away. I couldn’t help but wonder what my Mother would think of me, if she had sat next to me during the lab today. How she would of felt about me just sitting there, doing nothing to help Niall or Liam.


So I managed to avoid Niall for all that it was worth. I didn’t even leave my room until my mom called that dinner was ready. And even then I just stared at my plate, pushing around peas and wishing I was anywhere but here.


I guess I had got so distracted that I hadn’t noticed that Niall had even began to talk. But when I glanced up he was deep in conversation with my mom about our science project. He went on to say that we’d found main veins and he was really thrilled by the whole thing.


“You boys must work so well together!” Niall Mom exclaimed, smiling, and taking another drink of her wine. I threw half a nod and went back to moving my peas. It’s not like we were lying to them, we just weren’t telling the whole truth.



As I helped my Mom clean up the dishes for dinner I thought back on what it was like when you were a kid. You weren’t bullied, you weren’t labeled, you were just you. Having one friend or having ten friends didn’t mean anything.


High school was not the same as it used to be. Not when my parents were in school, everything was different now.


I guess if I was Niall or Liam I would hate me too. They obviously did.


“Harry? Babe?”


“Yeah mom? Sorry I was spacing.”


“Niall left his jacket here, can you bring it to him tomorrow?”


I couldn’t tell her no. It was like she thought we were friends, that it was socially acceptably for me to just walk up and strike a conversation with him. That him being over at my house was okay, but I couldn’t just walk up to him. And I never told anybody when he came over to my house.


I wasn’t embarrassed.


I was just scared, of what my ‘friends’ would say to me if they knew.

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