Love, Sex, Drugs. (1D FF)

Ariel Sierra is a dancer/painter/singer. She has a dance studio, an art studio, and she's tried out for every singing competitions. One day, the unexpected came, a 19 year old suddenly came barging in, looking for a job. Ariel didnt want to take him at first, but he ended up working for her anyways. "Dont fall for me" Was what he said a day before he started working, Ariel replied saying "I wont, I dont fall for jerks" but the only thing was.... she did fall for him... Alot of emotions are put through Ariel when he came, and 3 more things ; Love, sex, and drugs.


1. In Need Of A Dancer

Ariel's Outfit:

Cos when the daylight, comes I have to go, and tonight I wanna hold you so close.


I reached my hand for my phone and grabbed it from the bedside table, whilst bringing it to my ears. 

"Hello?" I asked.

And when the daylight we'll be-

I tapped 'accept' and brought the phone to my ears once again.

"Hello?" I asked, again.

"ARIEL!" My best friend, Damian's voice rang through the other end.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"C'Mon! We have to look for back up dancers! Get Up!!!" He shouted.

"Fine" I muttered I hung up and put the phone under my pillow. I threw my covers up and stood up, my toes hitting the soft carpet. I stripped off my clothes and put them in the dirty bin, turning the water warm and waiting for the right temperature. As I was satisfied with the temperature, I got in the shower, the water droplets hitting my skin roughly. I quickly took a shower and got out. Wrapping my body in a towel whilst walking out to my walk in closet. I chose a nice blue cookie monster tank, a stud embellished short, a black stud embellished high tops, and a green college sweat varsity jacket. I looked in the mirror and dried my tangled up blonde hair. I brushed it and quickly went downstairs to the kitchen, where I was greeted by my topless fiance, Jose. We've been engaged for a year now and we havent gotten married yet because we needed to wait for his parents to finally agree and come from Mexico. "Hey Babe." He greeted me with a kiss. "Morning" I told him. "Want a ride hun?" He asked me. "Nope, I'll drive myself" I told him hugging him by the waist."I'll miss you" I told him kissing the crook of his neck. "I'll miss you more" He whispered. I kissed him on the cheek and grabbed my keys. "See you baby" I shouted whilst walking out the door. I heard Jose shout a "Be careful" I locked our front door and headed for my car. It was an Atlantis Blue BMW E92 M3 Coupe. It was nice.. I got in and slammed the door closed. After about 15 minutes of driving and bumping to catchy songs, I arrived at my dance studio. It was fairly new and big. I bought it for about 10,000 pounds. I earned that money from working endless jobs. I opened the door only to find Damian sitting on a stool with a table infront of him. He had black eye bag under his eyes. "Whoa, someone call the stress police" I mumbled. "What!? That doesnt even make sense!" He shouted. "Cmon hurry! Lets Get started!" He shouted. I sat on the seat and scanned the paper laying infront of me, lots of names Suddenly a girl came in and sat on the chair. "Hi" Damian greeted her with a warm smile. "Hello" She said. "What's your name?" I asked her "Jessie Cah, 19" She told me. "Okay, go crazy" I told her. The music started and she danced, I wasnt fully impressed though, but she was good. "Alright, we'll give you a call if you're in." Damian told her. She nodded and left. "Nope" Me and Damian said at the same time. After about 19 more people, I got bored. "Okay That's all" I Told Damian. Suddenly, I heard a loud thud, then a boy who looked like he was in his 20's came barging in. Whilst he was walking to me, I had the time to take in his appearance, a mop of curly brown hair, green eyes, and pink plump lips, he was very attractive. "Hi, what's your name?" Damian said. "Styles, Harry Styles, 19" His deep sexy voice ran through my ears. "Okay, start" I told him. The music started and he started dancing. He was ok. After 10 minutes he was done. "Please, really think about it, I really need this job" He told me. I nodded and he left. "Nope I dont like him" I told Damian. Damian shook his head too. Suddenly Harry came barging in again. "I'll try my best, just please accept me" He pleaded to me. I kept shaking my head. "No, Im sorry" Wow I sounded rubbish. He was on the floor on his knees and I told him to get up. "Fine, You're hired!" I told him. "YES!!!!" He started jumping around like a monkey. I didnt even know that since this day, my life will start to be fucked up.....




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