Hello. I hate you. Goodbye [A Harry Styles love story]

About fourteen years ago, Evangeline Jay Mason moved with her father from her hometown, Holmes Chapel. When she left, her best friend, five-year-old Harry Styles, gave her a present to remember him by. But as Evangeline goes into her junior year of the prestigious arts academy known as Lumen High, her old friend finds his way back into her life, and possibly her heart.
The only problem: Evangeline doesn't remember Harry, and he doesn't remember her either. And Evangeline has an extreme disliking to a certain boy band...
Will Harry and Evangeline remember their pasts? Will old promises be kept? Will a lifelong friendship blossom into love? Will Niall ever stop eating all the pizza?


1. That Was Many Years Ago

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
Oprah Winfrey


                “But, Daddy,” I protested weakly, my voice coming out as a soft murmur.  “I don’t wanna go.”

                “I’m sorry, sweetie,” my father, a large man with an even larger job, replied from the front seat.  “But Daddy’s got a great job opportunity in California.  Daddy’s going to work for a huge record company.  Just think of it, Evan.  We’ll be living in a nice big house with all the pets you want, even that pony you asked for.  And you’ll get to go to the nicest musical arts school there,” he tried to assure me.

                “I don’t wanna!” I whined, louder this time.  “I wanna stay!  I wanna stay!”

                “Evangeline Jay Mason!” my father shouted sternly, effectively shutting me up.  “I know you’re going to miss your school and all your friends, but it’ll get better.  I promise,” he continued in a quieter, gentler tone.  “Besides, I can’t expect you to understand.  You’re just a three-year-old, after all.”

                I stayed silent, looking down at my hands that were folded in my lap.  My blue dress was ruffled a bit along the bottom, where it was folded from the car seat I was in.  The drive through the familiar streets of Holmes Chapel was too short for my liking, and I felt tears well up in my dark blue eyes.  No matter how many ponies I got, I was still going to miss my hometown.  Soon, we were leaving the city limits and pulling into the parking lot of the airport.

                My dad stopped the car and quickly got me out, setting me on the ground and holding my hand as we grabbed our carry-on bags, his a laptop case and mine a small backpack with music notes  all over it, and headed towards the airport entrance.  All of our main luggage was already on the plane, and now all we had to do was give our tickets to the ladies and then board the plane.

                But I refused to leave until he showed up, until my bestest friend in the whole wide world said goodbye.  He promised he’d be there.  And he always kept his promises, no matter how impossible they were.

                We were waiting in a lobby like area, a huge window showing the planes taking off and landing.  The place was busy, with lots of people walking quickly to and fro.  I shied back against my dad’s leg, fisting my hand in the fabric of his fancy suit.  Large crowds had always scared me, and now was no exception.

                “EJ!” the familiar voice of my best friend called to me.

                I turned on the spot, keeping a hold of my dad’s leg, and spotted my best friend.  He was running towards me with that goofy grin on his face, his brown hair sticking up a bit on his head, his green eyes bright and friendly.  Soon, I released my dad and ran up to my best friend, both of us colliding in an admittedly painful bear hug.  I realized I was sobbing, and he wasn’t faring much better.

                Eventually, he pulled away.  He was nearly a head taller than me, as he was five going on six, and I was only going to be four in a few weeks.  Reaching into one of his pockets, he grabbed a ring, one that I could never forget.  It was a plastic ring from a toy machine, with a silver body and a fake diamond, which was my birthstone.  I remembered when he had won that for me at our favorite ice cream place; I thought I had lost it last week.

                “Hazza,” I started quietly, my voice nearly drowned out in the din of the airport.  “How you find it?”

                “It was at the nanny’s,” he explained proudly.  “I found it just for you!  I want you to take this, so you never forget me,” he placed the plastic ring in my palm and closed my fingers around it.  “And also as an early birthday present.”

                “Thank you Hazza,” I smiled widely.  “And I got something for Hazza, too,” I reached around to open up my backpack, pulling out a woven leather bracelet that I had made myself.  I held it out to him and he gladly took it, tightening it on his wrist.

                “It’s a bit big,” he noted with a cheeky smile.

                “That way Hazza can wears it longer,” I nodded quickly.

                “I’ll always wear it,” he told me seriously.

                “And I’ll always wear mine,” I added.

                He pulled me in for another hug, which I gladly gave in to, burrowing my head against his chest.  After a minute that too short, we stepped away from each other.  Hazza grabbed my hand and led me over to where our parents were waiting.

                “It’s time to go, Evangeline,” my dad told me gently.  “Our plane is here.”

                I felt tears form in my eyes and I faced Hazza one last time.  “Bye bye, Hazza,” I sniffled, wiping my eyes with my coat sleeve.

                “It’s not bye, EJ,” he told me.  “It’s just see you later.”

                “See you later?” I whimpered.

                “Yeah,” Hazza nodded.  “We’ll meet again.  No matter what it takes, EJ.  I’ll find you and we’ll see each other again.  I promise.”

                He sounded so confident and so sure of himself, just like always, that I couldn’t help but believe him.  My dad picked me up before I could reply, so I simply watched over his shoulder as he carried me to the plane.  Hazza waved to me and I waved back.  Even from that far I could tell he was crying, just like I was.  My hand tightened around the ring as my dad turned and Hazza disappeared from sight.

                He had promised me.  Hazza promised we would see each other again.  But he had been crying.  Hazza never cried; he was always the strong one that stuck up for me.  He was my prince in shining armor and I his princess, just like in the games we played at the babysitter’s.

                But was this tower too tall for him to climb?  This sleep too deep for him to awake me from?  This glass slipper to shattered for him to find?  This poison too strong for true love’s kiss to work?

                But no, I couldn’t give up, not on Hazza.  Because he always keep his promises.  No matter what.

                My Harry always kept his promise.

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