The biggest change of my life

After Tess moves out of her care home, her life changes. Meeting Harry Styles was just the start of it as she then becomes 1D's manager and dates one of the band members. How hard could life get? How much hate will she get from the fans? And most importantly who will she choose out of the hottest band in the world?


1. Prologue...

Tess's P.O.V:

Well before I start off I should tell you a bit about myself like who I am etc etc.My name is Tess...well actually I don't know my surname (I'm hoping it would be Styles one day) cause well I lived in a care a home and I never knew who where my real parents were.I had to move out cause I'm 18 which means my life is finally free (yay).Oh and I live in Central London can't get bored there after all it is the city of shopping.Which makes life better is that I'm a model.

More facts about moi: 

I LOVE 1D (I sing their songs like all day long).I LOVE Harry Styles but it would take a miracle for him to fall for me well actually you never know.I LOVE music 1D of course (that probably isn't that much of a surprise to you but oh well).

I woke up this morning, took a quick shower, put some light make up on (can't leave the house without some on my face), put my hair into a pony tail, got dressed into my pink Juicy Couture track suit put my 1D songs on shuffle and went out for a jog in Hyde Park.That's basically my morning routine it never changes.



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