Rants/Things that piss me off!

Things that piss me off and would make the world a better place if it would just dissapear!
Leave your name and one of your rants/something that pisses you off and I might put it in the book:)


1. People who sing TOO much!



                         Just chillin with a friend, when all of a sudden I feel the need to jam to some Onedirection. So im jamming to my onedirection and im singing along, and my friend decides to start singing along also.

                                          This isnt no highschool musical, I did not invite you to sing. And truthfully your not a good singer, so you just ruined the whole song, and now I have to start over!


                         That one friend that feels the need to sing whenever a song comes on in the movies, plays, or just any song that happens to be playing.

                          If im sitting in the movie theatre eating my popcorn, and a song comes on that you happen to like, you dont need to sing for the whole world to hear. Because im pretty sure no one else in the room wants to hear all that mess. KEEP IT IN THE SHOWER!

                         If we are at a play or some kind of live musical production, you dont need to be singing. People came to hear THEM preform, they payed there own money to here THEM sing. If I wanted to hear you sing, I would come to your shower every night and just sit there on the toilet and just enjoy. But I DO NOT come to your shower every night to hear you sing, so just PIPE DOWN WITH ALL THAT MESS. You do not have permission to ruin my songs!

                   Admit it, we all have that one friend that feels the need to sing everything instead of just SHUTTING UP AND ENJOY THE SONG.


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