Skulduggery Pleasant :Melancholy Feelings

In this story Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant are in search of a wanted Vampire known as Dusk. Valkyrie gets bitten and Darquesse re-surfaces. Skulduggery has to mend friendships in order to save Valkyrie.The fate of the world depends on Skulduggery's commitment and Valkyrie's love........... looks like its going to be one of those days.


1. The Beginning of the End.


                 Skulduggery Pleasant picked the lock to the old apartment with ease. It unlocked with the quietest of clicks. Slowly Skulduggery opened the door. The room inside was dark and musty and Valkyrie Cain could barely see her hand in front of her face.Skulduggery pointed at himself then at the kitchen then pointed at Valkyrie and motioned to the sitting room. Cautiously, Valkyrie tip-toed towards the room. She scanned her surroundings ,the t.v was on and the lights were off.She was just turning to leave when something leaped at her from one of the corners.

                The vampire known as Dusk grabbed  Valkyrie and threw her over the couch.Skulduggery ran in and splayed his hand, using the air to send him flying across the room. Valkyrie snatched the shadows and with her Necromancer ring sent them firing like knives into Dusk. They raked against his chest but didn't penetrate the skin.Skulduggery punched him in the jaw and kneed him in the stomach. Dusk snarled, he came back at Skulduggery with a right hook and a fierce uppercut to the jaw. Skulduggery staggered and clicked his fingers summoning flames into his hands. He hurled them at Dusk and kicked him in the knee cap.Dusk murmured something and grabbed Skulduggery and hurled him through to the apartment next door. Dusk turned to Valkyrie. Suddenly everything went blurry the next thing she knew Valkyrie  was bursting through the window ,shards of glass trying ,yet failing to pierce her clothes. She and Dusk fell through the night ,wind whipping at her face. Dense darkness drew in from everywhere. The ground drew closer and Valkyrie still fell. Remembering what was happening she grabbed the air and slowed her decent. She hit the ground and rolled , coming up in a crouch. Dusk landed hard on the ground and still remained standing. He stalked her and she stalked him.

"I'm gonna' enjoy killing you girly," taunted Dusk.

"Hmph," laughed Valkyrie," You said that the last time."

"I'm not leaving this alley until you're dead."

"That's going to be a pretty long wait 'cause I've got no intention of dying tonight,"stated Valkyrie.

"Then this is going to come as a surprise."smiled Dusk.

He lunged at Valkyrie ,teeth snapping. Valkyrie spun a kick into his stomach ,sending him back a few steps and gaining her some time. "Where the hell is Skulduggery!?" Valkyrie thought. Dusk charged back at Valkyrie so fast she   had barely realised he moved until he hit her.He punched her in the stomach so hard she thought her lungs would burst - Were she not wearing Ghastly's protective clothing they probably would have. Valkyrie crumbled to the ground.

Dusk walked over - the moonlight shimmering in his eyes. Valkyrie lay there ,out of breath and struggling to breath . That last punch had definitely broken one or two of her ribs. Dusk smirked ,clearly enjoying the moment. This is around the time Skulduggery would come to the rescue. He would run down the alley, gun in hand and Cleavers behind him ,scythes strapped to their backs........ this wasn't one of those times. Billy-Ray Sanguine rose up from the ground behind Dusk.Valkyrie sat up and willed herself to get to her feet.She was outnumbered. Unless Skulduggery showed up bad things were going to happen and happen fast. Sanguine walked forward and smirked.

"You've had this comin' lil' miss." he reminded her.

"So I'm told time and time again."

He laughed "This alley will run red with your blood."

"Good to know."

Sanguine hurled himself at Valkyrie, his straight razor in his hand. Valkyrie batted away his hand and kneed him in the groin. Sanguine gasped and reached out for Valkyrie but fell to the ground as the pain hit.

Dusk snarled and pushed her up against the wall, his hand at her throat . he was cutting off her oxygen to her brain.She was struggling to cope with the ferocity in which he pushed at her windpipe.Death was creeping its way into her mind and her vision was clouding over."Skulduggery ........." was all she managed to say.She had a glimpse of movement over Dusk's shoulder and saw hands at Sanguine's throat ,after sounds of a struggle ,Sanguine went limp ,clearly unconscious. Dusk looked back to see Skulduggery step out of the darkness and run at them. Quick as lightning his head snapped back to Valkyrie and dug his teeth into her neck.........

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