Please dont leave!

Liz,16, lives with her brother and her father , but hes always working or with his gf so hes never home. And her mother died from cancer 9 months ago , but liz still cant accept the fact that shes gone. Wlll liz get through the pain or will she give up because she had enoph?


1. liz & liam

     " Liz lets go come on, louis gonna kill me if im late for band practice!!" liam shouted " why cant i just stay here?"

" your not old enoph, now lets go!!!" he said getting into the drivers seat of his car. " mom always let me stay home alone!!' liz whispered to herself, but loud enoph liam could hear " well sorry im not mom, * sigh* has dad called you recently?' liam asked  " no............ liam he said he would be home three days ago" liz said depressed , she hasnt seen her father in over a week now.  " yeah i know, maybe somthing happened at his work," liam hoped that was what happened " or hanging out with his new gf cause he ovisley loves her more than us," liz said " dont say that you know dad loves us more than anything,' liam exclaimed      " is he did he would be here right nnow,,,,,," liz pointed out. Then liam pulled into louis flat, which was always where they had practice, they werent famos yet , but they were really good "

                                      " Liam YOur late!' louis exclaimed "sorry blame liz she wouldnt get in the car!!!" he said looking at liz , she stuck her tonge out at him, he was so annoying some times " im not gonna blame this sweet and adorable girl!!" louis said hugging liz, louis was like a brother to her , but the nice kind " LIZ!!!!!!!!!" niall screamed, they had been dating for 1 year now, he had been through thick and thin with liz and was there for her when her mother passed away, though liam never liked the fact of liz dating but niall was a good person and liam douted he would ever hurt  his sister " NIALLER" they ran and hugged eachother, they havent saw eachother in a month sience nialls family went to brazil for the summer vacation" I've missed You so much, Princess!!!!!' niall told her " niall dont u dare ever leave me again!!" liz told him" i wont , i promise"

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