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Lilli Lloyd is a somewhat normal girl. Her parents got divorced after she was born. So her dad got custody of her, and her mom of Cher. Yes THE Cher lloyd, international pop star. Lilli's dad recently died, so she moved back to England with her mom. When she meets her mom's coworker's son, will they fall in love. Or will she go for one of his band mates

This us my first official Fanfic soo be nice. Pwetty pwease?!?!


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Lilli Pov: After band practice and working at the Wolverhampton dance association office, I went home. I walked into the door and sang,"White lips, pale face. Breathing in snowflakes. Burned lungs, sour taste. Lights gone, days end. Struggling to pay rent. Longs night, strange men." One thing was wrong, I didn't smell my mum's cooking "Mum?!" i yelled "In my room!" she yelled I walked through the kitchen to get to my mum's room. She definitely isnt cooking. "Hi mum, wow." I said as I walked in her room. "Hi love. Do you like it?" she asked "Yea it's cute. Why are you dressed up?" "We are going to dinner with the Payne's." "By 'we' do you mean me, you, and Cher? And who are the Payne's?" "Yes you, me, and Cher, so go get dressed. The Payne's are a really nice family. They have a son your age." "Whoopee" I muttered "Stop that, the mother is my co-worker. Her name is Karen. She have 3 kids. Ruth, Nicola, and Liam. Now get dressed." "Fine." I said as I walked into my room in the basement. I fount a pretty top. It was a lace top with a little white shirt thing connected to it. I put a black pencil skirt with it. After that I went to the bathroom and applied light makeup and curled my long brown hair. "You look beautiful." my mum gushed. "Thanks." "Are you ready?" "Yea were are we going?" "Ummm. I think it's called Bella Italia." "Oh, um mom." I started to say but I got interrupted by the door bell "I'll get it." I said web I got of the bed to get the door "Hi, Ms. Lloyd." said this really cute boy with a buzz cut
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