It's Gotta Be You.

Olivia Grey and Emily Barrat have always wanted to meet their favourite boy band, one direction. What will happen when they finally get V.I.P tickets for their upcoming concert in London?


1. Meeting You

Emily's P.O.V 

It's the day of the concert and Olivia's already stressing that we are going to be late. "Livvy, stop worrying.. we'll be there on time. I cant go in my pyjamas!"     "I know Emi. Just hurry up!"   I pulled on my denim skater skirt and tucked my black and white stripy top in. Olivia was wearing her orange peplum  dress, she must of been ready hours ago.. her make up was done perfectly- black eye-liner and mascara on her icy-blue eyes. Her foundation looked completely natural and when she smiled her rose red lipstick showed off her dimples. Her long blonde hair was in loose curls and pinned into a ponytail.

I quickly scribbled my eye-liner around my emerald green eyes and put some mascara on and brushed my naturally brown wavy hair. I put on some pale pink blusher to show off my dimples. Olivia had made us both some pancakes that we quickly ate and then we excitedly skipped out the door.

Olivia's P.O.V

We quickly jumped into my orange mini, and headed towards London. The whole car journey was just me and Emily talking and singing to One Direction. We arrived at the O2 arena to find we were the only ones there, we sat down on the front row where the people with VIP tickets sat. About an hour later the arena was filled with screaming girls. A band called Owl City came on before One Direction and sang a few songs ,at this point me and Emily were buzzing. An Hour later One Direction ran onto the stage, they sang the whole Take Me Home album and then answered some questions from fans off twitter before everyone left. When the arena emptied, we were the only ones left and a security guard came up to us and took us to a room where One Direction were sitting on a sofa waiting for us. 

Niall's P.O.V

At first I wasn't concentrating because I was so tired after the show, but when these two girls walked into the room my face lit up and I saw that Harry's did to! I was in a complete daydream when Liam asked "So girls tell us about yourselves?"   "Well, I'm Olivia, but you can call me Livvy, and this is Emily, but call her Emi. We're both 18. I'm from Australia but I moved to Birmingham when I was 7 and that's where I met Emi. I haven't spoken to my parents or my little sister, Poppy, after I moved out when I was 16"  then Emily started talking, she seemed really shy.  "I'm originally from America but moved after my parents got divorced when I was 5 with my sister Sophie, my dad died when I was 13 and that's about it!" Emily was gorgeous I couldn't keep my eye's off her. I wanted to talk to Emily but Louis got there first!

Harry's P.O.V

WOW! Olivia is stunning! I stood up and went to go talk to her. "Hey Livvy" I said. "Hey" she sounded very confident. We talked for ages until I finally got the courage to ask her for her number. "Hey um, can I have your number?" I must of sounded like an idiot. "Of course" she said and gave me her number. I thanked her and told her I'd call her. They both left after saying goodbye and Louis, Liam and Zayn went back to the hotel, whilst I told Niall what had happened. "I really like Emi, but I didn't get her number, I didn't even get to speak to her."  Niall seemed really upset, but when I told him I got Olivia's number and that we could meet up with them both soon, he perked up. Then we left and went back to the hotel.


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