Sky. A young girl at high school. What is so strange about that? I mean, it’s not like it’s the SECOND time she’s been to high school is it? Well, actually, at the age of 14, Sky HAS been to high school twice! There’s only one reason for that. Sky has AMAZING powers.
She has lived alone with these powers since the age of 2. She witnessed her parent’s deaths, as have other people like her. These are people who can travel in time and space. Sky is a rare person and on top of those abilities she has many more. She has spent time perfecting them, all the while hiding her secret. Now, she needs to help some others with those abilities.
Two children disappeared from Sky's time zone which doesn’t seem too unusual. What IS unusual is the time traces left behind which Sky can follow. Using her superior perfected skill of mind reading and messaging, and of course her advanced technology which she uses to save the children who have been taken to the past. Her iPhone in her belt is always there


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1





News Report:


A boy and a girl have gone missing from their homes. Both are 14 and police are investigating the matter....


This was the third time Sky had seen this news report, and it still hadn't got any better. The two children had been missing for several days, but Sky could still sense time traces. She could sense them because she had been about to go back in time to the roman era, but had felt a tug to a different time. This was a time trace. She traced them by using her laptop she had bought. She had created and installed some technology onto her laptop which allowed her to follow where she was going and where she had been. Using this program she followed the time traces she had found, and it gave her an estimate of the time it led to. Today she was going to follow them.


Sky had used her laptop and had tracked the time traces, and her laptop told her that the time traces led to around 100-200 years ago. 'Probably the Victorian era.' She thought. Generally Sky only went back more than 200 years, mostly because sometimes for an unknown reason, if a time traveller went back not very far, they could get an illness that was generally fatal. Luckily Sky had never experience this but some people had and many had died from it. So she would have to be careful. Sky also wondered what the time traces had come from, as she didn’t leave behind time traces when she went back in time. However Sky wasn’t too worried about that at the time. 'It'll be a new experience, going back only a hundred or so years. I’m sure it'll be fun, and there is a first time for everything.'


Sky was different to other people. Amazingly, she could travel in time, and space, and change how old she looked. Also, Sky was super intelligent. She was even different to people like her as it was rare for a time traveller to have any other abilities other than mind reading for some people and of course the ability to travel in time and space. She also had a photographic memory. She was two when her parents died, and she was very upset for quite a while. She was only two at the time though so what did people expect? Her parents went to a time traveller’s conference to talk and meet with others like them, and had left Sky behind as she was only two at the time and they didn’t know how able she was. A little after her parents had arrived, a man arrived. He had the plague. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem as they were immune to most fatal diseases, but this version had mutated in his body, and was deadly to everyone. All the people present realised there was nothing they could do, but wait to die. Most of the people able to travel in time and space where there. They knew death was imminent, so decided to stop any of the few others from coming. They achieved this by creating lashes, that when a traveller touched, they would be forced to the end of. The only way to the conference now would be to work out the exact second they stopped one way lashes and turned to the other. And that's exactly what Sky did.


The moment she got there, she was protected by a barrier she had created, and she looked 14, even though she was still only 2. The adults were covered in fast growing cysts, but they were still surprised. Some people were coughing up blood and Sky was rather scared but held her ground. Her parents stared at her, and then her mum told her to go, now, before she got ill too. Sky shook her head, tears in her eyes. Her dad then said, "If you need money, your watch is the key." he gasped for a moment, try to say more. Sky then watched in horror as the flesh fell off their bodies leaving little more than a skeleton standing, before they crumpled into a pile of bones. Just before the skeleton crumpled Sky thought she heard a single voice saying, "goodbye, Sky." she wasn't even sure she heard anything or whether it was a figment of her imagination. "NOOOOO" Sky screamed, weeping, and then she fell to her knees and cried.


After returning home, Sky realised she needed to sort out money, school, utilities and anything else she would need. First she got onto one of the laptops in her house and checked the Internet history and files to see what she needed to sort out, and found out which company's they were with. She also checked to see what they paid. Then she came to the fun part. She hacked into the relevant company's systems and changed the names. What she did was she removed the family name from the system, but kept it so they would receive the utility; she did this for the electric company, Gas Company and Oil Company. This way she could use electricity for her laptop and heat the house without having to worry or making any payments. By doing all this she could live at home in peace.


Now she had to sort out school for her. She decided to give primary school a miss as it would be too easy for her, so she looked at high schools in her area. She found several good looking schools and looked at the grades the children generally got. Two looked good so she decided that in a year she would get into the best one, then once she finished it she would join the other as her real age. Now it was time to have a break. She booked a cruise for herself around the Mediterranean. She then created a drivers licence and passport for herself as a 25 year old, with the name Sky Silva. Her last name was actually fire, but she decided that Silva was less conspicuous. To make the drivers licence and passport she used one of her abilities. She wasn't sure why she had this ability but she could create things out of nothing. Now she had her driver’s licences she made herself look 25 and went out to go shopping for some clothes for the cruise. For money she opened the clock part of her watch and she could get out money. The watch was purple and she wore it most of the time, so it was useful to be able to get money out if she needed it.


Twelve years later Sky was now 14. Properly 14 not just looking 14. Her time at the first school wasn't too bad, and she had practised mind reading thought her time there. She read the minds of teachers, and while to start with it tired her out, she was now a pro and didn't get tired. She remembered all the stuff she read from people's minds, so it was useful when studying for an exam. She did extremely well in her GSCE's and got 5 A*'s for A level. Sky had been to the new school for some time now and was in YR. 9. She liked the people at the school even though she was way more advanced than they would ever believe. It was the Christmas holidays when the children went missing, and it was still the holidays at the moment. She looked at herself in the mirror, decided whether she actually looked nice or not at 14. She was a brunette and had hair several inches past her shoulders. She had quite broad shoulders and an hourglass figure. She was around 1m 65 and had size 7-8 feet. She also enjoyed going around wearing Heelys and was quite good at controlling them. She also had sky blue eyes, which was what she was named after by her mother, who had brown eyes.


During the holidays she had done things others couldn't do. During her very first school holiday she had paused the modern time and gone back to see some Shakespeare plays, which was amazing. Ever since then whenever she had a holiday she would pause time and go back to see a significant historical figure. A few times she even went to the future! While in the future she had created herself a magnificent hover board. It worked by using new technology and was useful at times when she needed to get away. She installed a storing area with a minimiser ray so she could store stuff in it, and she on the design there was a pedal she pressed to make it go forward. Sky also installed voice recognition and voice control so she could get it to speed up, slow down and more by telling it to. When at home she had a special strap on her left leg that she put it in so she could get to it easily we needed. Also she practised cool moves at home like going straight up a wall. To start,  she did have to practise moving at slow speeds and balancing, but as she got better at balancing and staying still, she could go at much faster speeds and do tricks. She was also more confident and went much higher off the ground where she couldn't be seen, so she could go to places with her hover board. The hover board had a yellow topside, and a white and blue underside. This was so if she was high up and someone looked up the board blended into the Sky, and couldn't be spotted. One other thing she had was a gerbil named Chocolate. Sky really liked her gerbil, and often got Chocolate out and played with her. Chocolate could mind message Sky, so they were able to communicate. Chocolate did have a cage to be in, but she was generally out in Sky's room and only went into the cage to eat, drink and sleep.


She had done many amazing things as well. Now was the time to follow the time traces. Nobody would miss her she thought. Generally nobody even noticed her that much, so why would anyone miss her? She went up to her room and put everything she would need in a small pink rucksack which attached to her belt. It had a minimiser ray at the top, which minimised everything that went through it. It also made all the stuff weigh almost nothing. The only thing it didn't minimise was human skin, or she would never be able to get her stuff out. She packed, food, drinks, a lot of books, clothes, shoes, and just in case, she managed to get her bed into it. Sometime she would have had to sleep in the floor if she hadn't have had her bed with her. And generally the floor she would have slept on would have been stone or wood.  Once she packed her rucksack, she clipped it to her belt, and checked her iPhone was there as well.  Once ready, she followed the time traces.

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