When You're Gone

A short story


1. When You're Gone

I sat in the empty cafè by the beach. Rain was pouring down and the wind was howling "He's gone, he's gone..." I closed my eyes. For a second, I could see your face, smiling in the summer sun. A silent tear dropped into my untouched stone cold tea. I looked out to the beach, where only hours ago we had been together. Alone. Untouchable. I had felt like we would always be together. But all that had changed. I remembered how you looked, how you felt. I remember saying goodbye... Leaving eachother until tomorrow. I remember the car. I screamed a silent scream. I could hear nothing. You crumpled to the floor like a rag doll. I cradled your head in my hands. I shuddered. I remember sitting outside the emergency room. Waiting. Hoping... I remember the cold, dark faces of the doctors, telling me that you were in a coma, that you weren't gone, but you weren't there. They pretended to be kind, to understand, but to them you were just another patient, just another name on a folder. But not to me.

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