A day with Harry

A day with Harry that you will always remember


1. "The meet"

One day while walking in London on a chilly day, you see and add where you can meet 1D if you do the following... So you do what the add said and later while you are getting some lunch, you get a phone call and on the other line there is a deep,raspy,British male voice and he explains to you why he is calling but he doesn't tell you who he is yet, finally when he is done you ask who this is and he casually says "Harry Styles" and you are absolutely speechless so he desides to tell you info. He explains that you will meet him at a certain location but the other boys "can't make it". After that you pretty much threw money at the waiter cause you have to go home and pick out the BEST outfit. When you get back to your new apartment in London you start going through everything you own looking for something that wouldn't say I'm just a fan, I want to be more than that. You find the best outfit to wear, black skinny jeans with a Hipsta Please shirt because you know that Harry has one just like it and a pair of not too high black fashion boots and you leave your hair curly instead of straightening it because you know it would be adorable since you both have curly hair. So you take a taxi to the place where you are meeting Harry instead of driving your own car just incase Harry offers to take you home. So when you arrive, you see Harry sitting on the edge of a wishing fountain and he's holding a rose, and looking around on the beautiful day. You approach him slowly and he looks up in shock and you introduce your self and he says "take a seat" so he starts by asking you about your self and then you guys go into a really fancy resturant and he pulls out a chair for you, such a gentleman and you are so nervous but you try to keep cool so he wouldn't realize he makes you weak in your knees. So Harry is so nice he orders for you , and is being so kind to you. While your waiting for your food he askes you where you live and you say a certain street and he says "no way I live across from you ! We're you that girl blasting c'mon c'mon this morning while cleaning your apartment?" And you blush and feel sick and admit to it and you are all embarrassed but then he says "oh sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you, you actually have some good dancing skills and you apartment looks great !" After he says that you get even more overwhelmed but so happy because that's what he thinks of you. After eating, he says "well we can't just end this date now what would you want to do?" And you said in your head, "date!?" You couldn't be anymore happier, and you two start planning your day together.

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