I want my Lou back.

Your gone, it's destroying me. How did this happen? I did everything i could, and now that your gone it haunts me every second of everyday, you want me to move one, i can't. i want you Louis no one else except you.


1. The issue

I knew you were going through a rough time, but i didn't think it would result to this. I woke up expecting you to be there next to me then i would give you a kiss on the cheek, but you weren't i assumed you went to work, so i got up and had a shower then i got dressed. As i walked out of the bathroom i saw the note you wrote i read it and tears rolled down my face 'My Dearest Brooklyn, i know times were tough for you and i, but i cant put you through this anymore. I'm leaving and never returning. I can't do this too you babe, im sorry xo -Lou" i fell to my knees, wishing that what you wrote on that wasn't true. I ran to the phone and called Harry i was now balling my eyes out and they were sore, i told him to rush over and he did. About 3 minutes later Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall turned up they all hugged me they had know idea you left, i showed them all the note, we were all crying, i wished that it was a dream and i wanted to wake up from it soon, i eventually got back into the bed and started to scream into the pillow. your pillow. Niall and Liam come in, they got into bed with me and we cried together. No one knew why you left, i don't understand either, why did you do this to me Lou? You knew i would love you no matter what, and i didn't care what anyone said about you. I loved you and i still do, i will forever.

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