I hate you

Blurb: When I meet One direction in my house. I get mad. I hate them. I wonder what they'll do when Ice queen shows up. In stead of a screaming fan.


1. Cool I'm bored can I go now?

"Honey, come down to meet my stars!" I looked in my mirror, adding a bit of bright red lip gloss. I rundown stairs and stop in my tracks. One direction. In my house. I hate them. But I smiled. They smiled back.  "OK, honey I'll be back at 9pm tomorrow. Be nice" He turned to the boys. "Make your self at home." He walked out the door. I when into the kitchen, got some ceral. I turned around, the boys were there. Watching me. "Move."

"No." They said I pushed passed them. They looked at me. Shocked.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I forget something?"

"No" The curly one said.

"Oh, wait. You want the 'OMG It's one direction. I my house!!!!!' So sorry to disappoint." I added a bit of sass I there.

"I'm Niall. This is Harry." He pointed to curly. "Louis, Zayn and Liam."

"Cool and I'm bored so can I go."

"Ohhh, Little miss sassy. Remember Be nice." Zayn said.

"This is as nice as I get." I went into the sitting room. "Stop following me!"

"What are you an Ice Queen?" They all laughted.

"You have no idea." I finished my ceral. I got up.

"Were are we going?" Louis asked.

"I'm going to take a shower."

"Can we join?" Curly asked.

"If you want." I shrugged, Curly went bright red so did all the others I got in the shower. And started singing.


"I pick all my skirts,to be a little to sexy.

Just like all my thoughts they allways get a but naught.

When I'm out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy.

Can't change the way I am sexy naught bitchy me.


I'm the kind of girl that girls don't like.

I'm the kid that boys fantasize.

I'm the kind that your momma and your daddy were afraid you'd turn out to be like.

I may seem unapporchable, but that's only to the boys, who don't have the right a approachor ride that makes a girl like me wanna hop in and roll."

I got out the shower and put my red mini skirt on with a belly top which says 'suck it!" I but my black heels on too. "You're a good singer." Liam says. I shrugged.

"Mates are here. Listen if you pull anything to night. You're dead. Harry, do you understand no flirt!" They all nodded.

I opened the door. "Hey babes, ya got the beer?" Elena nodded.

"Who loves ya!" I took the beer into the sittig room. Elena screamed.


"Come sit here, love" Zayn said with a smile. I gave him the eye. He ignored it.

"Elena, I'm not picking up broking pices again." I told her. She frowened, and sat next to me. "Thank you." She whispered. Curly started at me. "What do you want curly?"  I asked. "Nothing." He was still watching me. I went to get some popcorn. I stoped when I heard Elena talk to them about me. "Listen guys. Lola she's my best friend, I know her like the back off my hand."

"So..." Niall asked.

"I know that she will play with you all, get you all messed up. She can be a sweet girl. No one belives me when I say this but she does have a soft side but it's hard to find. She helps friends. She helped me with the a guy who was going out with me and five others, she scared that  guy down his face. For cheating on me. She got expeled from 4 schools coz she wasn't doing her work. She was helping me. She's very dangerous. You have been warned." I walked into the sitting room. The guys stared at me. I smiled. I put the popcorn on the floor. "Truth of dare?" I asked Harry.


"Kiss Niall." He did.

"Lola, Truth or dare?"


"Fuck Zayn!"

"K, come on Zayn!" Everyone started at me. Not Elena she gave them a 'I told you' Zayn shook his head. "Awww." I said.

"Fine." Harry "Fuck me." I grabed his hand, and pulled him up and took him out stairs. "So what condom do you want?"

"The orange one." I laughted. I pulled of my top, locked the door. I took my skirt off. I was half naked, in my black bra and thong. I took of his shirt and his pants and put the condom on him. "You ready?" He nodded. "Your first time?" He nodded.


"Nope." I pushed him back and he hit the bed. I was ontop of him. I kissed him. He kissed back. He rolled over he was ontop of me. His hands found my thong and he pulled it down. he unhook my bra. Then the door opened and Elena was pulling me off him. Curly covered up. Elena made me stand up, and face her. She hit me. Curly gasped. Elena hit me again but in the other cheek. "Put your clothes on." I did.

"Go and get cleaned up." I walked into the bathroom. Smiling. One down four to go.

I could hear her talk to curly. "I did tell you she was dangerous!"

"So? And why did you hit her?"

"I hit her  because she's all  ready got a name for her self she doesn't need it getting worst! Styles get dress and go down stairs!"

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