The Unknown

"Why won't they tell me? Maybe I'll just have to find out myself..."
Jade is just an average 14 year old girl but with a bit extra. Her parents are the Duke and Duchess of Buddsworth and are always off at meetings. But at Greenwhich School for Talented Young Women, where she boards, there is half of the school blocked off. Nobody knows what is in there... Until they go.
Her parents have a secret and they won't tell her, but all comes revealed when she enters the Unknown.


1. Home


I spun around to see y two friends slam into me. Sarah's long, jet black hair was i could see as I felt her arms wrap around me.

"Okay, okay at least let me breathe!" I told them and she let go. I swear that she had shrunk another few inches... Or maybe I had just grown. Either way I was still about 3" taller than her and I wondered if she would ever catch up.

"When did you get here?" Leah asked and we all headed down the old, mansion halls towards dorm.

"'Bout half an hour ago" It felt great to be back, in the one place I can truly call home. Mum had took us on a holiday again, it's like we don't even have a home anymore. Each school holiday, Mum and Dad take me abroad, but never to the same place. I've begged and begged to know why, but all they say is that they want to travel the world. But I really don't believe that that's all they are keeping from me. My Dad is the Duke of Buddsworth and my Mum is the Duchess, so I rarely see them because they are always off at meetings or organizing local events. Which I why I board here, home, Greenwhich School for Talented Young Women.

"So where did you go this time?" Leah's golden hair was up in a laid-back-but-fashionable-and-cool-messy-bun style. She always seems to have a new style everyday and looks good in anything 

-Tested by Jade Golfer, Sarah McCrook and Leah Bellwood in an incident with bin bag dresses on 16/07/12-

"Malagar, I win the bet! Ha!" Sarah sighs and hands me £6 (she bet that I was going to a cold country this year). We walked into dorm to be showed with "how was your holiday?"s and  "did you go away this year?"s, all the usual small talk. We had just arrived back at school another year older. The halls were cluttered with 14 year-old girls' suitcases and handbags and we just managed to drag ours to our normal room 378. Everything was fine and I breathed a sigh of relief. I was back, home, where I belong. 

We unpack our stuff and I lay on my bed by the window, overlooking the mansions grounds. You can just see over the schools walls to the nearby town. We head down to the hall for the welcome back lunch and Tia comes running up to us.

"Oh my God guys apparently Claire tried to get to the unknown and got electrocuted!" Oh and there's one other thing about our school: the Unknown. Everybody calls it that because it's the half of the school where no one goes and no one knows about. It is impossible to break into; 10" thick walls with wires which electrocute you if you try to knock the wall down. Everybody wants to see what's in there, everybody has tried and failed and nobody knows what is in the unknown. 


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