The Music.


1. The Music.

You discover a new source of thinking, a new idea
put forwards to you by people you may never meet. 
It becomes a way of life for you, a way of escaping
your seemingly shit life for something better, sounder. 

It becomes everything you think about, these people
and their instruments making sounds that are literally
music to your ears, and yet they're different to ordinary musicians. 
They seem to understand exactly how you think, you feel. 

Sometimes, when you're feeling upset or depressed, 
these people know how you feel in your specific situation. 
They have a song for every mood you could possibly have, 
and they always apply to you, and only you. 

Creativity flows through you when you listen to their music;
it helps you to forget about everything else and focus 
on the thoughts floating around in that mind of yours. 
You'll thank them for that someday, I'm sure. 

The next thing you know, you're spending money on shirts, 
posters are plastered to your walls, leaving traces of paint behind.
You're counting down those final, minuscule days until
you see your heroes up on that stage in blinding lights. 

You'll run out of room on your bedroom walls soon, 
and your loyalties will change from one group to the next 
as their ideas of music change along with your own. 
You'll leave behind one person and become another. 

When you're a few years older and much wiser, 
you might go back to that group, or that old song,
and suddenly you'll be back in your old bedroom with a hairbrush
in hand, singing along as though you're up on stage with them. 

There's one thing you have always dreaded will always arrive, 
when they move on, even after you've changed ideas. 
No longer will they make music for you to trust and listen to
in a terrible mood. They've left you with a legacy, but it's never enough. 

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