Simple Life

Emblem3 FanFic!!!! Olivia, Jessica, Amanda & Isabella moved to Huntington Beach to fulfill their dreams of becoming a girl group! But what happens when they run into a group of guys with the same dream?! Will their feelings come in the way of there music?! Read more to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Nobodys P.O.V

"Finally we are done unpacking, Amanda said as she collapsed on the couch. I am so exhausted, i thought we would never finish. "Same here" Jessica said as she collapsed on the couch, almost missing it. "I'm starving! Isabella said. Liv can you go to the grochery store and pick up some food?" "No! Im way to tired, why can't you go?" Olivia shouted? "Because, Amanda, Jessica and I did all of the unpacking, and all you did was sit on the couch and play on your phone!" "Thats not true!" Olivia shouted! "I did unpack one thing" "Ya your makeup bag!" Jessica said as she let out a quiet giggle. "Please Liv we won't ask you for anything else!" Amanda begged. "Fine but im to tired to go grochery shopping, is it ok if i just pick up some burgers from A&W instead?" "Fine just aslong as you get food!" Isabella replyed. "But be quick." Jessica added. "the sooner you get home the sooner we can practice our music. And also i heard it was gonna rain tonight." "ok i'll be quick." Olivia replyed as grabed her purse and headed for the door.

Olivias P.O.V

"Yes Jess i got the burgers." "Well I'm sorry i took so long its just we're new it the city so i thought i would walk around and check the place out." "No the burgers are not getting cold." "Look I'll be home soon ok." "Alright bye." As I put my IPhone back into my pocket, i realized it had started to rain. I began to walk faster, but it seemed the faster i walked the harder it rained. Before I new it i was soaked, so were the burgers. I was so cold so i decided to run. My house was just down the street and it backed on to the beach. I started running faster and faster, and before i knew it i was face first on the sidewalk with a scraped up knee. As i slowly sat up I heard a sweet little vocie behind me saying "omg i am so sorry are you ok?" I turned around to see a boy around my age with wavy brown hair and greenish blue eyes. His eyes grow wider as he looked at me, almost as if he was scared i would freak out at him or something. "Here let me help you." he said as he bent down to examine my knee. "Gosh i am so sorry!" he said almost in tears. "Its ok" i replyed, "Its just a little scrap." "No its not" he replyed "There is blood streaming down your leg." As i was about to reply to him i saw two other boys walk up to me. They looked a little older, an one looked very similer to the boy that had tripped me. "Keats what did you do now?" they bothed called. "He accidently tripped me." i said "But I'm fine." They both bent down and looked at my knee. "Ya you should probably put some alcohol on that." one of them said. "Oh ok thanks." i said as i stood up. "Well thank you for all your help, i should get going, my cousins are probably wondering were i am." "Do you need any help getting home?" The youngest one asked. "No I'll be fine, i just live down the street." I replyed while pointing to my house. "Ok well sorry again." He added "Its fine don't worry about it." I started walking away when he called, "btw my name is keaton, this is my older brother Wesley and my friend Drew." "Nice to meet you." I said with a little giggle. "I'm Olivia."

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