Just a dream.

"Niall, dude. It was a dream! She was a dream! Shes not real."
"Harry. I know she was. I just know it. Now leave me alone."


1. Introduction.

Niall's Point Of View:

       "Niall, dude, It was just a dream! She was just a dream! Get over it!"

       "No. Harry I know she is real. I just know it!" Earlier I told Harry, the guy I thought was my best mate that I had a dream about a girl. I really think I found my princess. But Harry isn't supporting me. Hes says she is fake. I know she isn't. I still haven't got her name in the dream yet. But I know she has perfect blonde hair, the most beautiful blue eyes. I need to know her. I need to meet her! When I am around her in my dreams, I fell butterflies. I can't get over her. "I would as my closes friends you would be supportive.." I mumbled. "I'll help you find her" "No. Zayn, its okay."


Emma's Point Of View:

        I'm running. I don't know what I'm running from. My mom? Yes. My dad? Yes. My life? If only it was possible. My friends? No way. My best friend Eleanor is the probably the best friend a person can have. She has perfect brown hair and the best fashion ever! I wish I could be her. She has the perfect life and the perfect boy friend, Louis Tomlinson. He is on tour break right now, so hopefully she is home.I decided that's where I'm going.


Eleanor's Point Of View:

"Hey El! Who is the girl in your twitter icon?" "Oh, that's my best friend Emma!" "Alright! Thanks!"

That was weird.. Niall never has asked about anyone.

From: Best Friend!

Hey, I'm on my way to your house. You home?

To: Best Friend!

Yeah! The boys are over. Niall just asked about you.. Weird! Cant wait to see you! xx

Emma's Point Of View:

My dad was abusive. My mom was abused. He started doing meth. He started beating my mom when he was high. He also started drinking. A lot. When he was drunk he beat me. Eleanor was the only one there for me it seemed like. No one knew about everything that was happing, I was all alone. My so called dad started raping me. He stoped hurting my mom when he started drinking. I guess I was better? My mom started helping him beat me. They would make me go to work to get them bar money. I am sick of it! I'm out of here. I packed my bag. Got all the money I have saved up over the years and left.

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