The Boy Who Loved

A girl named Madison is at school when she sees a cute blonde boy staring at her. She's a little creeped out at first but then again does she have feelings for him at the end? Hope you like it ENJOY!!(:


1. BFFs and Crushes


                             Chapter 1.

     Madison's P.O.V

I woke up with a fright about a nightmare again.'HURRY UP MADISON 10 MORE MINUTES',yelled Mom. (Sigh) FINE!!! I got up went to my closet to get my outfit a blue flowy shirt with blue shorts and tennis shoes.I combed my curly,dirty blonde hair and brushed my teeth I got dressed and got into the car. 

                                  I went to go talk to my BFF Angelena when unexpectedly my other friend Haylee came running towards me with her light blonde hair flying in the air.She said,'MADISON,MADISON GUESS WHAT!!!My eardrum broke yeah I already know. No Silly We Have A New Student YEAHH!!!(:REALLY! I screamed. Yeah his Name is Niall and he is so cute you should defaninatly 

date him .Nah I'm good.Whateva. And we went to Mrs.clarks class and sat down I looked and looked for Niall and when I found him my eyes were hooked to his beautiful ocean blue eyes and his dreamy blonde hair I was oohing and awing so loud that I had to be excused out of class a sat in a chair outside of class looking at my hands like I have never had hands before.

                         Finally it was time to to go to Mrs.Montgomerys class the evil wicked witch was waiting for me at her desk

i had arrived a sat down in my chair hoping she wouldn't know me right now.I looked over and saw Niall OMG!!(: haylee shouted My BFF has the Hots for Niall Horan!! Oh No She Didn't'exclaimed Angelena! I stood up just looking up to see that Niall was laughing at Me I felt like a total loser I ran out and to the counselor!! It was Lunch time and now I was more embarrassed than ever In my entire life. He was on the table to the left from me with all his friends just staring at me.I turned in sadness with tears filling my eyes. And saw Niall was picking up his tray and coming towards me sitting down at my empty table all alone with him I started shivering really bad he said'are you ok?' Yeah I guess look I'm sorry for my friend hay- only to be interrupted by Niall him saying that he liked me too. I filled with joy and turned to him and said so. Awkward moment when UR all alone with a boy with nothing to talk finally after seemed for like ever we started talking about what we like and don't turns out we're a lot alike we both love soccer eating we are both funny and have big smiles.


            But at the end of the day we hugged and said bye and I felt like there was no tomorrow and ran home and just filled with joy did all I could to tell my mom about Niall Horan my new BFF

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