She's too young - completed

This is a story I wrote for a fan, Ellie. I'm so sorry I haven't posted it, it's been waay crazy. So anywho, this is a fanfic about Louis Tomlinson. They fall head over heels in love, but will it work? People will cry. Feelings will die. And the world will continue to tell them, "She's too young..."


51. Transfered

A/N i added to this chapter, cause idk

I awoke with a fright throughout my night of restless sleep, the events happening slowly in my dreams. The screech of wheels, my voice screaming for her to look out, and the poor look on her face when she realized that it was just too late. Stretching my arm beside me to my nightstand, I grabbed my phone, typing in Louis' number out of habit when I usually couldn't sleep. Especially through rainstorms, I always called him without a second thought. But when I finally realized what I was actually doing, I hung up quickly from a sort of embarrassment and tears choked through again. "oooooh my gooooood." I mumbled into my pillows, with my voice squeaking and cracking soreness from my frequent scream and cry fests.


Not even realizing I had fallen asleep, I woke totally startled, with heavy eyelids. I didn't want to go to school today at all. And I wasn't even sure that the school would even be open after yesterday's incident. It would be hectic, and to me a little morbid for us all to return so soon. I felt much like a zombie, moping out of bed all sticky and groggy from my encounters with rain and tears recently. My clothes piled up on the tiled bathroom floor, as the shower steam filled the small area. I stood before the mirror examining my sad reflection, and it didn't even look like the Ellie I use to know. My mascara seemed to always be running depressingly down my cheeks, and my smile wasn't the same. Feeling my fingers to move my hair to the side, I swooped it to one shoulder examining my neck, that use to be hidden from pink marks Louis gave me when we were in heated embraces. my finger traced my bottom lip, that was tugged a numeruos of times after we kissed.

'There's still a little bit of your taste, in my mouth. There's still a little bit of  you laced, with my doubt.'

Sighing, I stepped into the burning water washing the muggy feeling from my body. My eyes instantly focusing on the razor on the corner of the tub. I squeezed my lids shut tightly, cringing at the thought of people digging the sharp object through their wrist to mask the pain. In my situation, most would strongly consider the hurtful gesture. But along with my belief against self harm, there was also nothing that could mask the pain I was going through right now. Absolutely nothing at all. "Ellie are you up?" Mom interupted my thoughts pounding on the door.


"Obviously I'm up mom. The shower is running." I shouted, wrapping myself in a towel to get dressed. "Well hurry up, you're going to be late for school." She mumbled walking down the hall. I twisted my hair into a french braid down my back, leaving some loose strands on each side of my face. After pulling on my jeans and coat I slugged downstairs past my family ignoring them. "El I'm taking you to school." Mom called after me.


"I'll walk." I shot, slamming the door shut. The rain was still crashing down, so I tossed the hood of my coat over my head, walking the whole way not caring about the weather. I still didn't understand why I out of all people had to go today. Considering I was the one who witnessed the tragedy. It would have been better if I could have just took off a week. I needed time for grief, and I needed time to mourn. When I arrived ten minutes late to the schoolyard, I immediatly walked into the main office to get an excusal slip. Everyone was staring and whispering towards me, about the break-up, and about Summer. Police cars still swarmed the area with yellow tape, to secure people from behind certain areas, and it was starting to freak me out. "Ellie!" someone screamed after me from a far, running towards where I was standing. I hid around the corner into Ms. Robles' room, not paying attention, and running right smack into somebody who was leaving the office with transfer papers in his hands. "Oh my god." I mumbled, looking up at him. This wasn't the first time I had ran into him, but it was certainly different.


"I'm sorry, I didn't see you." Louis reached a hand for me, trying to help me up.


"Don't touch me." I snapped, standing up quickly  After grabbing my slip from the desk, I stomped out, choking up already. It made me so angry seeing him, it made me so angry that I loved him so much. That seeing him still let me get invaded by butterflies. All I could have done was walk away from him before I broke down and let him see how hurt I was. But what did I expect? To never see him again? I mean come on Ellie, we go to the same school. I continued to geometry, fidgiting with the small paper in my hands, until Trevor walked up to me.


"Hey Ellie." He smiled.


"Um... hi." I muttered.


"Listen.. I'm s-"


"I don't want to talk about summer." My voice crackled, and I wiped a tear from my cheek.


"s-sorry. So anyways, it sucks that Louis' transfering huh?" He shrugged his shoulders.


"what?" I shouted, stopping in our tracks.


"He's attending the private academy with his sisters downtown." A major dryness formed in my throat, when I realized that's why he had those transfer papers in his hands when I ran into him. Stupid Ellie.


"How do you know?"


"Gilmore told me."




"Because she had to replace his part for the play"


"And who is that going to be?"


"I'm going to play Romeo, El."


"What? No you aren't!" I shouted, a bit too loud for my personal liking.


"I'm playing Romeo?" Trevor raised his eyebrows, making his repeated statement sound more like a question.


"No, no, no. You can't be Romeo. You aren't even in Gilmore's class." I panicked, starting to feel the heat rise beneath my coat.


"Yes, I am." He shook his head.


"No, you aren't. I've never seen you in there." I argued.


"Yes, I have her for third hour. You've never seen me in the theatre room because I've been just an understudy." Explaining, he watched me about to completely explode before he added sarcastically, "I mean I don't know why you are so surprised. Its not like Louis was going to be your Romeo after breaking up with you anyhow." I was completely blown away at his remark towards me. So I quickly brought my hand up and slapped him hard on his left cheek.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that." I turned to again stomp down the hall.


- I didn't say anything the whole day, to anybody. Especially after Trevor smarting off like that. It was uncalled for. My teachers didn't seem to mind my zoning out of the lessons, considering the situation I was in. So my head was buried in my notebook each period, doodling, writing lyrics to stupid depressing songs, and random lines from Juliet. "Ellie." Miss Gilmore coughed, tapping on the stage where I sat, crossed legged and buried in my thoughts.


"Huh?" My eyes didn't leave the page, not wanting to so much as make eye contact with anyone for the rest of my life.


"I need your eyes up here. I'm announcing something quite important."


"Fine." Forced against my will, my eyes fell to her nervously walking back and forth down the aisles if seats in her heeled boots, that were making an incredibly annoying squeak noise against the floor.


"As you may know," Gilmore began. "about tragic accident that happened yesterday. It has set us completely off guard."


"What do you mean off guard?" I spoke up.


"Things are changing around here, for safety, and the school board has scheduled the play to be much sooner than I presumed." Gilmore's hand was brought up to wipe a drip of sweat from her forehead, obviously stressing out to the maximum.


"So... when is the date going to be settled?" Jessica questioned hopping up on the stage to sit by me.


"Very soon." Gilmore responded.


"Like... a month?" I wondered, closing my notebook.


"No. Like two weeks." She exclaimed.


"WHAT?!" The whole drama room screamed in sync.


"Yes, yes I know! So I'm really counting on you guys. especially now since our romeo has been re-casted." Finally plotting down in a chair, Gilmore looked around the large room. "Where is he? Trevor?" She asked. Most of us shrugged our shoulders, when Shawn said quickly, "oh he's outside making out with his girlfriend."


Girlfriend? I didn't know Trevor had a girlfriend. Hm..


"Well Juliet, go get him." Gilmore motioned me towards the door. I sighed deeply jumping down from the stage, walking down the aisle to the exit. Only to find not surprisingly sucking face with a blond bimbo. Coughing and groaning of irritation, I tapped on his shoulder from behind to get his attention. "Come on, Romeo." I pretended to chuckle flatly.


He pulled apart from the girl, and she looked at me with extremed widened eyes. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. This couldn't be. I was dating Louis, as a freshman and he was a senior, which caused major hell for me. Trevor's only a freshman, and this girl is a senior yet he's locked lips with her and it's perfectly okay... I thought she was after Louis, not Trev? My throat became increasingly dry as her name fell from my mouth. "Chelle?"

We exchanged looks for a good five minutes or so. Me still trying to figure out what the hell was going on.


I repeated her name, astonished at how unpredictably horrible my life could get.


"what do you want?" She spat.


"why are you kissing Trevor? He's only a freshman." I asked, glancing at his face that was scrunched into a smirk for the 'cat fight'.


"And does it look like I care? Why do you care?" Her arms folded across her chest pushing her breasts out in a failed attempt to look attractive.


"Well... first of all. I thought you were the one bitching about Louis and I being together because of our age difference. Now your smacking on Trevor's face and he's only fourteen. Actually a few months younger than me." All I wanted to do was call her a fucking slut. But that would end me up in a whirlpool of god knows what. And I felt lately my language had been progressing in it's latin lately. I needed to lay off the curse words.


"I didn't care about the age difference, bitch. I just wanted Louis to myself." She spat.


"Well he broke up with me. So there, he's all yours."


"Oh, no. I did love Louis, I just wanted to see you break. Now I have Trevor." She grabbed his hand, and I desperately tried to hold back tears.


"Okay. It worked. I'm broken, what else do you want?" I snapped a major attitude at her not even caring.


"You still have to pay." Her smile was the cruelest I'd ever seen.


"I've had enough, Chelle. I don't think its relevant for more revenge." I mumbled.


"You shouldn't mumble." She mocked.


"Goddammit I get it, okay? Now come on Trevor Gilmore needs Romeo and Juliet." Getting back to the whole point of my presence out there, I gestured him back inside the drama area.


"Wait. You're Romeo, Trevor?" Chelle shouted, stomping her foot down.


"Didn't you hear me when I first came out here? No duh." Grabbing Trev's hand to get back to class Chelle ripped him away.


"That means you have to kiss her!" She was screaming now, and brought me to the realization that we would actually have to kiss. Within two weeks. Oh my god no. I just got done being put through the pain kissing my boyfriend for one last time. What makes the world think I'm going to kiss some sleezeball who's a complete jerk? I beg to differ. Chelle screamed, pushing Trevor towards me.


"Here, have him Ellie. Have him like you have everything else I can't have." She cried before walking away with hurt in her voice. I sighed, pulling Trevor back inside the theatre where everyone was silent, obviously hearing the strong argument that just exploded seconds ago.

"Okay. Enough listening to the show." I snapped at everyone, as they mumbled under their breath getting back to the script.


"Miss Gilmore, it's six o'clock. Can I please go home?"

I asked tying my hair into a bun, and fanning myself with my crumbled playbook. I had been here for five long hours, pretending to love every minute of going over my lines over and over again. It was so irritating. Especially since my encounters with Chelle left me so stressed out. And I was desperately trying to stay as far away from Trevor the whole time. As he worked with his side, and I was on my own.


"Yes, yes you can leave. But be here tomorrow, we're using the dagger, and you and Romeo need to spice things up." Gilmore smirked at me, nudging my shoulder. I shuddered at the thought of 'getting spicy' with that disgusting imbecile. I thought before doing the play was going to be bad enough with Louis, because our relationship would have been exposed completely. But since that stunt Chelle and Summer pulled I guess nothing could have gotten any worse, aside from Louis breaking my heart, transferring schools and leaving me to makeout with Trevor Parker. Oh yeah, nothing could have gone more fantastic.

"yup I'll be there." I smiled sarcastically, slinging my bag over my shoulder to walk home. The sun was setting slowly over the horizon, as I walked slowly off the schoolyard in the cold. I was glad the rain finally stopped, but dripping sounds still fell off peoples roofs from the practical flood that occurred for two straight days. My bracelet jingled against my wrist to which I payed no attention to, and completely forgetting that Louis still had my key. I didn't even care, he could keep it. I didn't want it anymore. Getting lost in my thought, it gave me a fright shen my phone rang in my back pocket. "Yeah?" I answered, rolling my eyes.


"Where have you been?" My mom yelled into the phone sounding oddly out of breath and worried.


"Mom, I've been at school for drama practice. We were held late." I tried to calm her down and remind her. It didn't soothe her shouting.


"Dammit Ellie you've had me worried sick. Your father is picking you up and taking you to his place, so stay where you are." She breathed quickly, panting heavily into the other end.


"Mom no I can't go there! I'm practically banned from that place remember?" My voice got higher along with hers.


"What do you mean? What happened?" She asked confusingly. Ugh I forgot. I never told her about my wine splattered aftermath of dinner that friday. She had really no clue what happened.


"Nothing mom, I just... I'm not really at good terms with his 'girlfriend's daughter." I explained.


"Well you're going and I don't care what you say. He's on his way."

"Mom, no."

"Ellie, yes."

"Please mom."


"Ellie you are g-" I didn't even let her finish, before I shrieked and hung up the phone quickly. My mother was so irritating, I just can't even handle her at all. My stupid phone rang again in my hand. Without looking at the number I answered screaming, "WHAT MOM, WHAT?" And then my heart shrank into my stomach with my heart skipping that extra beat.

"Ellie, it's Louis."

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