You Saved Me *Liam Payne FanFic

I ran and ran until I got away from her and until my feet were sore. I have always hated my mother. She would always be drunk and abuse me. I need my dad back.
Hi, I am Leigh-Anne and this is my story.


1. Run and NEVER EVER look back

Hi, I am Leigh-Anne Monterrey. I am eighteen years old and turning nineteen in one month. Like my mum would even bother remembering. She is at a bar right now... I was in my maid's outfit that I am forced to wear because my mum hates my taste in fashion. Oh, so I am the one with no taste in fashion? My mum wears clothes that you can see parts that you should never see. I was sitting on my bed looking at the pictures of my dad and I having a great time together. He divorced my mum because she kissed another man and it got him really upset. My mum took custody of me before my dad could. My mum has been drinking, and abusing me ever since my dad left her. Then it hit me! I shut my scrapbook and ran to my closet. I found my suitcase and Nike bag sitting behind my closet. I starting packing all of my clothes, shoes, and under garments into place. I put all my other things into my Nike bag. I changed into white skinnies, a purple t-shirt with a green dinosaur, and my favorite purple Vans. I looked downstairs to make sure that the house was clear. I looked at the wall clock and it read; 10:30 p.m. Good, mum won't be here in a couple hours. I ran back upstairs into my room and grabbed my Nike bag and suitcase. I looked at my wall, it was a picture of me and my bestest friend of all time Liam Payne. I grabbed the picture of him and I then put it into my suitcase. I slipped on a purple hoodie and zipped it up then put the hoodie up. Yes, as you can see I love the colour purple just like Liam. I tip-toed downstairs just in case. I heard the door open I stopped dead on my tracks. "Let's go to my room..." My mum slurred. I quietly ran back upstairs to my room. I heard her and the man go into her room. I rolled my eyes. I remembered it was Friday and my mum would be bring a man here. I heard a lot of moaning and groaning when I walked past my mum's bedroom. I smirked. I ran downstairs and got to the front door. "Hold on there!" I heard my mum say. Screw it! She found me! "I thought you were having "fun" upstairs." I said harshly. "I faked it! Now get your lazy fat body to your room!" My mum screamed. "I don't think so!" I screamed back. I got a grip on the door knob and opened it. "Get back here!" My mother screamed. I ran and ran until I got away from her and until my feet got sore. I always hated my mother. She is always drunk and abuses me. I miss my dad. I heard my mum call me names that I thought were never words at all! I kept on running no matter how tired I was. I found a park near by. I sprinted towards it. I hid behind a tree. "Where are you!?" My mum screamed. I heard her feet run away from where I was. I finally caught my breath. Luckily, I brought a water bottle. I drank some water. I sat on a bench hoping and praying that somebody will find me besides my mum. "Leigh-Anne? Is that really you?" I heard a male British voice say. "Liam?" I asked confused.

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