Loving Family

Jess gets dropped off at an orphanage and gets adopted the first day by...One Direction. Through out the years things get better.


1. Adopted

My mom left me here. I am only 11. I walk in the building and walked up to the lady at the front desk.

"What?!" she said

'My mom just left me here.'

'I know. Go upstairs end of the hall wait till the guests get here.' I just walked up he stairs not bothering o say anything. After a while the front door closed and feet walked around and then came up stairs. Afer a few minutes One Direction walked in tomy room with wide grins so I returned a smile back to them.

'Hi, What is your name?' Louis asked as they sat down on my bed

'Jess. And you are Louis, Harry, Zayn, Harry, and Niall.' I said pointing to them

'Well Jess tell us how long you have been here.' Liam says

'Well I just got here 20 minutes ago. My mom dropped me off.'

'Aww. Well tell us about yourself.' Niall said he was closest to me

'Well im 11, I love the color purple,  im a tomboy/girly girl, I want my hair to be purple, and I love One Direction.' I sai smiling 'Also im Bond. James Bond.' I said giggiling in a British accent. They all started laughing Niall and Louis fell off the bed.

'Well we like you. Did you bring any clothes?' Zayn asked

'Thank you, and No. I didn'.' I said kind of sad.

'Well come on you are coming with us.' Harry said I jumped with happiness and had Niall carry me down. I was holding on to Niall The whole time. I love my new dads.

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