Save Me

Nicole also known as Nick, has a rough home life. She recently graduated from her high school where she was constantly bullied. When she was at home her father would beat her to the point where she wanted to be back at school. She soon meets a boy that will change her life forever.


1. Ch. 1

I woke up and drew a sharp breath in. The cold air of my room burned my lungs. I struggled to stand up, my legs grew shaky beneath my weight. I single tear slipped down my cheek as I fell to the floor. I now had more determination and got up and walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair of leggings and a dark blue jumper. The jumper was soft and warm. I pulled it over my head and slipped my leggings on. My long chocolate brown hair cascaded down my back. I pulled it up into a pony tail and slipped on my white supra's. I know what everyone thinks why would a girl wear supra's but the truth is, is that I loved the look they were comfy unlike vans or converse. I walked out of my small room into the hallway. I went to go downstairs but was stopped by a harsh tug at my hair.

"Where are you going?" Ron (my dad) hissed in my ear. He breath reeked of alcohol. He whipped me around and pinned me to the wall. I whispered nowhere. He laughed a evil laugh then brought his hand down to my face. The slap rung through the hallway and I let out a slight whimper. "Wrong you were going to by me beer." He yelled tossing $50 at me. I nodded and rushed down the stairs. 

~Skip walk~

I rushed into the liquor store. I kept my head down and bumped into someone. I fell backwards and looked up. I instantly saw soft loose messy curls that framed the emerald green eyes that were looking down at me. He looked shocked but that's when I realized that my shirt had come up revealing my stomach. Tears threatened to fall, but I couldn't let them. With Ron every time I let out a tear he would hit me twice as hard. He extended his hand but I instantly flinched away from him. 

"Whats wrong love?" He asked I just got up silently and grabbed a case of beer. I walked up to the cash and paid. I rushed out of the store without looking behind me. I ran into my home and was greeted with a punch to the face. His nails had caught my cheek and cut me. I ripped open the box and handed him a beer. He cracked it open took a drink then spat it out. He grew furious, thats when I realized I bought the wrong beer. He chucked the can at me. I took a step backwards he came closer. I prepared for the worst. He grabbed the box and whipped it at my stomach. "Stupid, fat, worthless whore." He spat before going into the kitchen. He came back with a knife and cut my jumper open. I knew what was coming next... he pressed the blade to my chest and dug in a little drawing blood. The pain was excruciating, he slid it down a little farther that's when I heard someone at the door. I let out a scream and Ron slapped me. But it didn't stop me I started to scream for help, soon the door was kicked in. The person that stood in the doorway shocked me. It was the boy from the store. He rushed in and grabbed Ron's hand that had the knife. He twisted it back and the knife fell from his grasp. The boy grabbed his shirt and brought Ron's face down to meet his knee. Almost instantly  Ron collapsed to the ground. 

"Love... why didn't you say something?" He said stepping closer. I shrunk back then made a dash upstairs to my room. Before I could shut it, he was standing in the way. Worry spread across his face he stepped closer again. Like before I stepped back. 

"Get back! Stay away!" I hissed. He turned and went to my closet and tossed me my bright pink jumper. " Put this on NOW!" He demanded. I let a tear slip. Instantly wiping it away, hoping that he didn't notice. I put it on and followed him down to his car. He started to drive. "I'm sorry I made you cry. I was frustrated I needed you out of there." He said. His face softened but he saw it. "I'm sorry please I didn't mean too. It won't happen again. Just please don't hurt me." I whimpered. He pulled over. He reached up and touched my face. His hand was soft and the way it slid down my cheek was different. It was gentle. I didn't understand, I did something wrong but he wasn't mad. In fact he looked hurt. "I would never hurt you. Ever. I'm Harry by the way." He said while tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "N-N-Nicole but call me Nick." I said. He smiled and I felt something with him that I haven't felt in years. I felt safe. He started the car again and continued to drive. On our way to his home I slowly drifted off to sleep.

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