I Still In Love

Why? I can't stop asking myself why i fell in love with you. We were created to love somebody in a momento of our lifes. We can love a lot of things, my brother Andre loves his football ball, i think he loves more that thing than his girlfriend Denisse. Another example? Well, my BFF Nadia loves that famous band called One Direction, i think she would shave her head to go to one of their concert. And there is me, the weird girl in the family, I just fell in love once and that stupid guy broke my heart in a million pieces. Since that day i've never felt in love, i promised myself that i was never going to love anybody anymore but I guess that's something really hard.


1. The beginning

- And... you're ready! - Nadia exclaimed happy. -now go and show them what you've got!

- Thanks Nadia! I don't know what I would do without you - i stared at the mirror for a while and then i went to the photoshoot. - i'm ready Austin!

-  Okey let's start! I have another photoshoot at 12 o'clock - he yelled. I was doing rare poses when Nick, mi manager, and 5 guys came in. Nick was angry, i could see it in his face. Uh oh i was in problems.

- Okey enough! Now let's be serious and Aimie do what you should do! - Nick wasn't so happy, so i decided i should do what he said or i was going to have a lot of troubles later. The guys were looking at me, they were hipnotized. 

- And we've finished! - Austin said and everyone sighed. - Aimie, darling, go and... - a girl came and whispered to Austin something. - oh guys im really sorry - he told to this 5 guys. They were smiling, they were cute but they seemed really vain. 

- It's ok Austin- one of them answered

- Oh this is... Aimie? Where is Aimie? - i was changing my clothes, Nadia brought me an orange juice and i was drinking it sitting on the floor - Aimie! There you are! You sweet girl!

- What do you want Austin? - i asked him 

- Come and meet this awesome guys - i stared at him, i wasn't in the mood. - please - he said with the puppy face. I sighed and stood up. - guys she's is Aimie Parker, an awesome model and actress and of course one of my best friends. Aimie they are Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. 

- What's up? - i asked really uncomfortable with the situation. 

- Hello- they say

- Okey i met them, now i should go, see you on friday! - i was just leaving when Austin stopped me.

- Friday? - Austin asked

- We have a party! - i answered really happy and one of the guys, the one with the green eyes and the curly hair, smiled. I walked away from that place and met Nadia outside. - i  met such a weird group of guys at Austin's

- You mean One Direction? - she asked. Oh no she was going to tell me the story of One Direction again. 

- STOP! - i yelled- they are weird and shy - i sent a message to Andre, this was something he should know - Oh no! Wait! We forgot something! I mean, someone! 





Hey! Sorry is my english isn't so good :( Im trying ok? 


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