Imperfect Just May Be Enough

A girl named Katarina has some major problems. She "lost" her deceased grandmas precious 24kt necklace. Precious as in has been in the family for many generations. Not to mention she is a liar,cheater,stealer..... do I need to go on? Join Katarina as we follow her on her amazing adventure that shows the bad and good side to all of her problems that leads her to think imperfect just may be enough.


8. Same Old, Same New

  I'll never get use to those annoying bells! I sit up in bed and do a quick stretch. I quickly drop my arms as I realize I forgot something last night. To copy my homework!! I was so busy sitting in bed wondering what to do that I must have fallen asleep. I quickly boot up the computer and log on to Yahoo! answers and check my questions. Luckily there was an answer. It's usually the same person who does it every time. I guess it is sort of peculiar but it gets my homework done. I scribble down the answers on my math homework and glance at the time. It's way to late to take a shower now! I race over to my closet and pull over my mini dress I have stored to wear for the day. To actually make it out of the house I wear a pair of sweats over it and head downstairs for my usual morning.

  It was the same old same old breakfast with my dad asking his ridiculous question like he always does:where's the necklace? Then the same old same old car ride to school without Jason. Then the same old same old place I meet up with Evelyn."Hey Evelyn. Can you come to the bathroom with me? I have to change." She makes an expression on her face that says 'oh'. "Sure." she says. She understands what I'm talking about. I do it all the time. Aside from that, she knows I wouldn't be caught DEAD wearing sweats.

  I walk into the stall and she waits on the outside."I have math first today. Have I mentioned I HATE math??" She groans. I think I might know what she is about to say."YES!!!! You are always saying you hate math! I.GET.IT." She yells at me. I always say that once in a while to get her pissed off."OKAY!!!! Calm down girl!" I step out of the stall and show off my multicolored mini-dress. It's safe to say I look HOT!!!

  "How do I look?" I ask hoping for a good answer."Well.....GORGEOUS!!!" That's what I want to hear. "That is what I thought." I gather up all of my things and step out of the bathroom. And as if perfect timing the bell rings."Bye Evelyn, see you at study hall." She waves back to me and heads to her class. I do the same and head to math.

  "Okay everybody. Take your seats I'm going to be passing out the quiz grades." I relax because I know what I'm going to get. Surely, when she passes me my test there is a huge 100% marked all over it. Just as I thought. She writes something on the chalkboard and I read every letter along the way. P-O-P-Q.....another pop quiz. Geez, you know cheating takes a lot of energy from me. Oh well, I guess another 100% for me. She starts passing out the papers. I extend my arm out for one but she just skips over me. Instead she whispers,"Once I'm done passing these out come see me at my desk." Oh no. Whenever the teacher says come see me at my desk that means you're in trouble.


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