Kidnapped ._. (by 1D)

for a girl who hate One Direction she sure is 'close' ;)

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18. Here we go again

*Zayn's P.O.V*
Well it's been about a year since the whole kidnapping thing, but somehow Harry just can get over it,
I tell him every time he asks me 'What happened that night' he will get the same answer, 'She knocked me out and the rest is unknown'.
You guys all know what actually happened, but later that night some guy returned the car and when I talked to him he said Casey didn't want to keep the car forever, so she gave it to him to return. 
We're on a huge tour right now and Harry can get any girl he wants instead of asking the same question over and over, and it's getting pretty annoying. Burning Notes have also gotten pretty huge, plus their videos on youtube are stupidly hilarious, me, Niall, Liam, and Louis always watch their videos and it gets us laughing so hard that we can't talk, Niall fell in Love with Sara after watching just one video but they never met up cause we're both in bands and 'ain't no body got time for that', Liam told me he had a crush on Casey, I just smiled, I didn't really want to say anything cause, well, I have a crush on her to but I guess I'll have to drop that 'cause I already have a girlfriend Perrie, but when we kiss I feel like there's something missing, and sometimes I feel like she's cheating on me, but I know that's not true.... right?
*Harry's P.O.V*
That girl was not she is mine. I worked to hard to have her escape, but I guess it's time to move on? No, maybe I should just get a girlfriend to take her mind off me, and that's what I did, Taylor Swift, I hope that's big enough for her to here about...I know Taylor's just gonna right a song about me in the end but who cares 'cause all my bitches love me.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
I've been with Perrie since about a week after the kidnapping, don't get me wrong, she's a lovely girl, but I just don't know...
I'm cooking pancakes at the moment for breakfast for me and the boys, that's right this Bad boi can cook! 
I hear my phone vibrate my I can't get it 'cause I need to make sure the pancakes don't burn, then I here it drop,
the phone cover comes off and then I see a note fall out, I finish the pancakes then quickly grabbed the note and read it, it was from last year,
                                                                         Dear, Zayn
                                     Thank you so much for doing this for me,
                                     you are as kind hearted as you are handsome!
                                     To be honest I didn't like you at first, but now, I've
                                     kinda developed some feelings for you. If we ever meet
                                     again we should catch a film ;) xoxoxo
All my feelings for her rushed back, I now know what was missing in that kiss, It wasn't her, and I will get her back.
Hope you guys like the introduction to Part 2 that's why it was short ^-^

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