Niall and Hope have been Best friends since First Grade. But what happens when
Hope's dad dies, and she has to move. Will Niall tell her about his secret feelings for her? Will he make her stay? Or will he let her leave? Find out in "Lost".


1. Chapter One

I have a pretty good life. I have loving parents, an amazing best friend, a nice house... But you never realize how good it is until it's gone. 


Hope's POV

"Hope! Get down here asap! You'll miss the bus and I'm not driving you again!" My mum yelled from downstairs. I could smell the bacon and eggs. "Coming mum!" I yelled. I threw my brown hair into a messy bun and put on my favorite skinny jeans and a Nirvana sweatshirt. I looked in my mirror and put on my contacts over my plain blue eyes. On the way downstairs, I grabbed my bag and my phone. As i was putting my headphones in, my mom yelled, "Hurry!" I ran downstairs and plopped down on a kitchen chair.

        "Good morning Hope," My mum said. "Good Morning Oh Dear Mother Of Mine!" I said sarcastically. My mum rolled her eyes. "Eat some breakfast Smart Alec," she said, sneaking a chuckle. "I'm good," I said with a laugh. "My cooking's not that bad! Your father loves it!" She said laughing. "What do I love?" My dad asked, walking into the kitchen. "My cooking dear!" My mum smiled. "Uhm, yes dear." My dad smiled and kissed my mum. My mum and I started laughing. "There's the bus! Gotta go! Bye, Love you," I said, giving my mum and dad a kiss on the cheek. I ran out the door.


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