Wings 2


6. Chapter Six - Jennifer- aged 15

I shook my head.

“You daft cow!”

‘Hey! Jennifer! Stop speaking to me like that’

“Hey Amanda stop speaking to me anyway!”


I turned around from stamping up the stairs.


‘Your father will be home soon and I will tell him about this.’

“I don’t care!”

‘Your father wants us to get along.’

“Yeah well you and your son to be can be close!”

Amanda rolled her eyes and patted her beach ball belly.

“How many months?”


“How many babies?”


“Right, wow you are big!” I said continuing up the stairs


I ignored her and walked into my room.  Why on earth did my mum move to Poland? I’m stuck with that cow and my dad. I also have to give up my room for Amanda’s stupid baby!

7 months and she’s literally beach ball.

I slammed my door and flopped on my bed. My father would be home in 3, 2, 1.


I peered around my bedroom door to see my dad kissing Amanda’s belly. Then Amanda sat on the stairs and peeled back the tight top to reveal a popped out belly button.


Dad heard me and stared at me.

‘How’ve you been?’ he called up to me.


I shrugged and shut the door again.


About 10 minutes later my dad shouted upstairs for tea.

I went downstairs and sat opposite Amanda and dad was at the end of the table.

I stared at my food. Yellow fish, mashed potato and spinach. I picked up my knife and fork and began to eat.

‘We have news’

I swallowed ad looked at my dad.

“Good or bad?”

‘A bit of both’

I nodded taking a mouthful of spinach.

I chewed it carefully as I listened to my dad.

‘We are moving to a bigger house’ I looked excited but I was still chewing so I couldn’t really shout Yay.

‘But you can’t come’ Amanda said. I nearly choked.

‘What? Why on earth not!’

“We are having twins” Amanda explained


“So they need rooms”

‘They can share a room’

“Err no they can’t”

‘Yes they can everyone’s is doing it. Especially if they already have a child!’

“Darling, you’re moving in with Aunt Bessie” Dad explained


I stared at my dad, he looked guilty.

‘Thanks dad, now I have no parents at all, I hate you Amanda more than anything!’

I slammed my knife and fork down and ran upstairs. ‘I HATE YOU BOTH.’


Once I reached my room I began to pack, moving in with auntie Bessie might be ok, better than this anyway.

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