Wings 2


1. Chapter One - Malik - aged 15

No-one knows about me, only William.  I can trust him right? I have my doubts every now and again yet he’s my brother. My father has suspicions he gives me weird looks and glares whenever I take William out of the room. He knows something is going on. I’ve done my best to hide it…


I sat there, in silence flipping a coin in to the air and catching it. William sat there twiddling his thumbs. Dad was still on the phone. I had no idea what was going on. But it was serious.

William sighed.

‘What’s up with you?’ I asked harshly

“It’s my 10th birthday and I’m stuck here with you waiting for news that is probably bad news” He sighed

‘Yeah, well it was worse for me’ I exclaimed

“How?” William called sounding like he wanted a straight answer.

‘I was here. On my 15th birthday I was meant to be in London with my girlfriend but no! Dad thought I was too young to go even though I was 15! So my girlfriend left me and went with some idiot!’

Then dad walked in. Phone in his hand and his head bowed so his chin was near enough touching his chest bone.

“Your mother has died from ‘natural causes’, a woman found her collapsed behind the theatre. The woman took her to hospital where she lay; she was alive for half an hour before she died. They’ll be doing an examination on her body tomorrow before we bury her. I’m sorry to break this new today boys”

I gulped.

William rose out of his seat and leant over me.

‘You still think your birthday was worse?’ he then stepped back and ran upstairs.


I didn’t get up, I just watched him dash away. Dad flopped down on the couch next to me. He slapped his belly and said ‘Last thing I’ve got of your mother’

I shook my head.

‘You have us’ I stated

“You’ll be off soon.”

‘Dad, William has just turned 10; he has at least 10 more years here!’

Dad nodded. ‘Then I’ll be 55’ he laughed

I hugged him and said, ‘You’ll always be my dad.’

He tugged at his baseball cap and smiled. He heaved himself up off of the couch and waddled to the kitchen.

Aged 45 and had a bad leg and has now lost his wife and if he finds out about me. I’m screwed and he’ll lose all his confidence, at least he has William…


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