The Hidden wood

John is an odeinary teenage boy who loves to explore in the woods. But one day a anicent tree had collasped and where it had been standing there was a hidden wooden dooor.


1. Gone

John is just like any other teenage boy. He likes hanging out with girls and his mates from time to time. But when he's not doing anything he likes going to the woods he lives close to. As a matter of fact he has been there so much he has evan made freinds  with all the animals living there. Whenever he goes there he hears the sound of the birds singing there morning tune and all the animals rush up to greet him with thier different hello's. John loves the look ok the perfect green grass with its beautiful green leaves.

 One sunnny Tusday morning John woke up to the usual hmm of the birds morning tune followed by the shrick of his mother "DO YOU WANT COCO ROCKS TODAY?" John just went with toast but it wasn't his beakfast he was worried about it was that he had a  welsh test today, his least favoret subject. When he had finished his breakfast he went upstairs to get changed. He wore the same type of clothes that he always wore a black t-shirt with baggy black jeans. After that he went down stairs to pack his bag he had the usual lunch, some cold pasta and a few snacks. When he had done he kissed his mother goodby and headed off for school. John walked  to school nervously, costanly thinking what would happen in the test. When he got to school he sat down in his seat watching everybody practising the words. Suddenly the teacher walked in and they began the test.       

John walked home alone that night, he didn't feel like going out with his mates. When he got home he threw his bag on the kitchin table and ran of towards the woods. He could faintly here the soud of his mother calling "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" but as John reached the woods there was no birds singing there wonderful tune or animals running up to him and saying hello but instead there were just cut down trees and ruined animal homes. Just then John found a tree that had lived for millions of years and it had been pulled right of the ground. But where it had been standing there was a padlocked door.

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