In The Sky (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2.


1. Stormclouds

The travel attendant's voice rang out of the intercom, announcing they had arrived at their destination.

Finally.  Thought Izalla.  

She stepped onto the grey platform, not letting the strange cloud out of her sight.  She looked around for her dad.  He wasn't there.  Maybe he was stuck in traffic?  It was rush hour, after all.  She sat, staring at the clouds for five, ten, fifteen minutes.  An hour.  Two-and-a-half hours.  Anger was welling up inside her like a bubble, and she tried to compose herself, almost in fear that it would burst.  A tear rolled down her cheek.

He forgot about me!  He... He forgot about me...

Then she noticed the cloud changing above her head.  It changed to another symbol she had never seen before, but she felt a slight recognition somewhere inside her.  Wait...  Above her head?  All the other clouds were moving, getting blown by the biting wind, but that one stayed above her, cutting through other clouds, as if it were watching her, somehow.  Confused, Izalla walked to the other end of the platform.  The cloud stayed behind.  She blinked.  It was gone.  She looked around her, only to find it directly above her again.  Then someone walked in.  A dark figure.  Could it be him?

"Dad?"  she said, her voice sounding gravelly and outlandish to her.

"Time to go home, kid.  Papa mustn't be here today." the security guard replied, emerging from the shadows.

He really did forget about me.

Izalla left, so livid that she, the quietest girl in school, kicked over a bin on her way out.

"Hey, you're going to have to pay for that, little girl!"  Yelled the security guard.  Izalla ran.  The clouds ran with her, it seemed, and mimicked her anger in a series of thunder clashes and lightning strikes.  Rain poured but Izalla didn't care.  She just ran, as if she could run away from all her disappointments, although in her heart, she knew that she couldn't.

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