Peyton is an every day girl with dreams and all, but her best friend just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson, one of the hottest guys in school. Louis has some very fascinating friends, but Peyton has not a slightest clue of what their strong feelings are for her.


1. First day

       Peyton's POC:

I wasn't too excited to go to school, but yet again I was oober excited. I had only seen a couple of my friends during summer, but not the ones I wanted to see. I wanted to see my three best friends; Briggette, Mikayla, and Louis. I had to look good today, so I got some clean, adorable clothes, and a towel. I slipped off my pajamas and slid into the warm shower. It felt nice to get the dirt and muck off of me. I got my clothes on and did a quick look at myself. It was adorable! I had blue pants that had black  tye dye, the shirt was a loose black tank top, and for the finish I had combat boots on. I decided no make- up because I wanted my face to look natural. My chocolate hair was in waves over my shoulders, and I had a black lace headband in the front.

  I walked into the kitchen and got a breakfast bar. When I was done eating I had a bit more time before I had to go to the bus stop, so I decided to go check on my sister, Taryn. She was in her Sophomore year and thought she was WAY cooler than me. She claims she hangs with the "populars" and insists she's "popular". Yeah right! I was knocked out of my choo choo of thought when my phone alarm went off. It said "LEAVE NOW!" I ran out the door with Taryn hot on my tail. When we got to the bus stop, we were panting. 

  When I stepped in the school, the cool hit me and sent goosebumps up my arms. As I walked down the hall, I saw Mikayla standing next to my locker. I snuck up behind her and gave her a big hug. When I pulled away she had a startled look on her face until she realizes it was me. "OMG! Hey, I was just waiting for you!" She said with a smile. "Sorry I kept you waiting Miss Impatient!" I said giggling, her face looking like she was offended her, yet she smiled. She closed her jaws and pointed to something behind me. I turned around to see Briggette on crutches. My jaw dropped. When Briggette saw our expressions, I guess she couldn't help but laugh. "You need to stop hurting yourself!" Said Mikayla . I laughed and said, "how did this happen… again?" I said like I saw this every month, which I sort of did see it every month. "Mom and I went to the gym, but they have a track outside. So I went to do hurdles… and, yeah," she said looking at her boot.  

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