Up All Night, Literally....

Nikki loves One Direction, what she doesn`t know is that they are vamps. Until she meets them and well.... after that she sees the five boys drink a girl and panics. When Harry suggests to eat her... well... Read Up All Night, Literally... to find out more.


1. Just Meeting....

Nikki`s POV

I got dressed into well some red pants, white converse and a black T shirt. Yes I`m a directioner just not a major one like other people. I decided to leave my hair natural. Mostly straight but it curls at the ends. UGH! It`s being really annoying today and I put it into a braid. Nice. I redid it but over to the side. I applied some light makeup and got into my black slug bug. Yeah I know a slug bug real nice right? Yeah! To me it`s fun and awesome! The radio was playing One Direction because of their concert which is in like an hour and I wanted to get there early. Luckily I was the first one in line.

During Little Things, I swear that Harry winked at me during his part. And during all his parts he would either look at me or wink at me. Oh my god. I must be dead then. I mean yeah I have front row seats but that doesn`t mean anything. Does it? 

Backstage was gonna be awesome! I saw Louis and went up to him. "Mr. Carrot King. What are you doing?" I laughed at him, he was being the most random person ever and dancing really badly.
"I`m dancing!"He replied and stopped.
"Can I have a hug please?"I asked. He smiled.
"Of course!"He said ans hugged me. His head was almost in my neck. Like holy shit. "What`s your name, love?" he asked.
"Nikki"I replied.
"Oh well your welcome Nikki. Beautiful name."He said, and stopped hugging me.
"Thanks Lou!"I said and walked around until I bumped into Zayn. "Sorry Zayn."He gave me a funny look.
"It`s quite alright. You are?" He said hugging me, damn this boy is like mind reader with actions.
"Nikki."I replied the same way I did with Louis.
"Nice to meet you! Have a great night!"He said then rushed off to somewhere. Weird. I turned around and saw Niall behind me and he scared the hell out of me. 
"Shit"I mumbled. 
"Sorry."He scratched the back of his head. 
"It`s fine Ni. You just scared me."I said smiling. "Hug?"I asked. Niall smiled real big and hugged me a bit too tight but I didn`t care. "I`m Nikki" I introduced myself.
"Nice to meet you Nikki!"He said and let go. I waved goo bye and then Liam ran into me spilling water over me.
"Oh-Sorry..."He waited for me to say my name.
"Nikki. It`s fine, Liam."I said while taking a deep breath.
"Nice to meet you Nikki! And ok!'He smiled. I chuckled a bit, knowing that one of my favorite pop stars spilled water on me is a miracle. Someone came behind me, I could sense it this time- because I heard their breathing from behind me. It must be Harry. Liam walked off without giving me a hug but I will get one.
"Hello, love"He said, yup Harry. I turned and saw his green eyes staring into  my brown ones.
"Hey Hazza!" I said cheerfully, hugging him. Harry was surprised at first but hugged me back. He smelt good. His face was in  my neck- almost inhaling it as well. He pulled back his eyes were now a almost a brown red color but then they changed back to green. I stepped back and ran into Liam again this time missing the water. I hugged him too and got both of my cds signed and left but decided to go pee before my bladder exploded.

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