anguish of love (former musings)

former musings of heartfelt love for one and the anguish of their absence


1. anguish of love (former musings)

Love emanated from her eyes

Celestial cries, sweet seraphim sighs


My angel my salvation

sharer of my sorrow

Queen of rapturous laughter

Seer of this surreal satire


Chapters unwritten....pages unturned,

in books yearning to be burned


I loved you in a world of lust and fickle fondness

To truly love fills others with envy, distrust, and disgust

In a world of disastor and disease, damnation and disorder

Even I fear the possibility of a love that can never cease

giving peace.


What matters now?

Who can make me happy?

I am lost now...I need her to know myself...I am an empty shell, propelled to remember her

Yet its getting harder.

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