Summer '09

18 year old May Jones was on ordinary girl with loving parents, a brother, a dog and a boyfriend, Niall Horan. When Niall suddenly leaves to the X Factor without telling May, everything spirals out of control. Niall has a new life and so does May but her heart is still broken. Her family are torn apart and she is left alone. 3 years later they cross paths and everything changes again.


1. Hunt You Down, Tie You Up and Eat Your Secret Food Stash

May's POV

"NIALL! NIALL! YOU COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW WITH THAT FOOD OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN, TIE YOU UP AND EAT YOUR SECRET FOOD STASH RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!" I shouted sprinting after a very amused Niall. Niall suddenly turned round and I crashed into him.

"But that wouldn't be very nice, now would it?" he chuckled, enveloping me in a big hug. I pushed him away and raised my eyebrow at him. "Says the person who is currently stealing my beloved Ben&Jerry's," I said and tried to snatch the tub of gorgeous looking ice cream out of his hands.

His hand moved swiftly and I groaned, leaning my head on his chest. "Niall, please give me back my ice cream," I whispered softly. I felt Niall's heart quicken and mine did too, he shivered slightly and I grinned to myself. It was working. I lifted my hand and and stroked his chest playfully and slowly.

He shivered again and murmured something I couldn't hear. "What was that Nialler?" I whispered. "I- I will give you your i-ice cream back," he stumbled. I chuckled but in my head and took the ice cream quickly. I jumped of his chest and smirked. "Thanks Nialler!" I chirped and ran off.

"Oh my god May, you are a little devil!" he said and ran after me. I sprinted as fast as I could into the house and ran up the stairs. Thankfully my parents weren't around and my brother was at his mates house so Niall and I were home alone. No, not like that.

Unfortunately, Niall was too quick and I felt his strong, muscular arms engulf me and spin me round. "You, Miss May Cornwell, are a little minx," chuckled Niall. "May da Minx," I laughed as he put me down. He spun me with his arm so I was now facing him and a surge of butterflies flew out my stomach.

His head came closer and closer to mine, he smiled softly as our foreheads touched for a split second before his lips came crashing down on mine and sent a whole load of sparks, fireworks, bombs, grenades and anything else explosive burst in my body.

I returned the kiss happily and we moved in sync, as cliche as that sounds. His arms slipped round my waist bringing me closer to him and my arms circled his neck, my fingers combing through his hair. Niall pulled away for air and kissed my neck softly.

"I love you May," he whispered, making a trail of kisses from my neck to my lips. He looked at me in the eyes and then his lips came onto mine again. As we pulled away I replied," I love you too Niall."

Suddenly, he moved away and his hand slipped into mine, yanking me down the stairs. "Niall! What is going--" Niall threw me onto the sofa and grinned," now my princess, what would you like to eat?" "Well, for starters I would like to, in future, to NOT be thrown onto the sofa and to be placed," I said poshly although giggling halfway through.

"But for food, well, hmmm, I would like... some chicken wings, some Kettle chips or the Walkers Prawn and Cocktail, maybe a pizza? Don't mind what type, oh, and some popcorn because I want to watch a movie," I continued happily.

Normally, people would have been shocked by my order but Niall and I were basically the same when it came to food. We liked big portions of anything and everything apart from that I didn't like beetroot or mushrooms or cabbage but that was it.

"Of course m'lady, that should be ready," Niall glanced down at his watch," in 3 minutes and 26 seconds." "Good, I can't wait," I said clapping my hands like a 4 year old who was getting a barbie doll. Niall flashed me a smiled and walked into the kitchen.

"Oh and Niall!" "Yeah?" "I'm timing you! You have 3 minutes and 15, wait, 14, nope, sorry 13. Aaah, 12 seconds. Aargh, you have basically 3 minutes!" I heard Niall laugh and oh, what a laugh. I don't think, that to however long I lived, would I be able to get used to that laugh.

I crawled off the sofa and rummaged around in our stack of DVD's. Dear John, never again, cried too much. Mean Girls, tempting but watched that 2 days ago. The Hangover, saw that yesterday. Barbie: Fairytopia, ok, what the hell was that doing in my house?!

I groaned and laid down on the ground. Why couldn't there be just one film which I hadn't seen in the past 72 hours and wasn't so sad that I would have to cry myself to sleep? Aargh, my life was so hard! Just kidding but I was pretty frustrated about not finding a movie.

"What's the matter May?" asked Niall, his head popping above me. "Oh my god Niall! You scared me!" I said angrily, punching him playfully in the shoulder. "Ow. That hurt," said Niall sarcastically. "Too right it did," I muttered and sat up, crossing my arms like a sulking 6 year old.

If you hadn't already guessed, we weren't the maturest of people. "I'm sorry May but seriously, what's the matter?" he asked bending down, taking my face in his hand and inspecting it softly. "It's just..." I trailed off, pretending to cry.

Niall's  eyes widened with worry. "Do you know?" he asked. My head jerked up and I stared at him," what? Do I know what?" His eyes flashed with fear, worry and also thankfulness. "Er, nothing, just a, erm, surprise," he said nervously, fiddling with the back of his shirt.

I eyed him but his eyes pleaded with mine. "Fine," I huffed," is my food ready?" "Yup, well apart from the pizza because-" "Excuse me! Did you just say that the pizza WASN'T ready?!" I asked, standing up outraged. I put one hand on my hip and glared at him.

Niall chuckled and stood up. "Don't worry babe, it's coming. You know you still haven't told me what was wrong?" he said, raising his eyebrow. "Well, er, I was just, um, I couldn't find a movie to watch," I mumbled. Niall started laughing and I hit him in the chest. "Ouch," he said but I knew he didn't mean it.

"I'm serious Nialler, I have seen all of these movies in the past week and there is no way I am watching Barbie: Fairytopia," I said annoyed. When Niall heard Barbie Fairytopia, he burst into even more laughter and I slumped on the sofa. "Niall!" I groaned. "Yes princess?" "Will you pick a movie?" He smiled and nodded," anything for my princess."

// The Next Morning //

My eyes fluttered open as the blazing sunlight shone through my curtains. I groaned inwardly, shut my eyes tightly and rolled over, trying to find Niall so I could cuddle up to him. My eyes shot open when I couldn't find him and I checked my clock.

It was only 8:47. Niall never got up this early. His early was about 10:59. He had fallen asleep while watching the movie last night but I still didn't think he would get up this early. Last night, we had ended up watching Friends and Benefits. I loved the film and it was even better with Niall.

I don't know what time the film ended because we both fell asleep, my head on his lap and his head cocked to the side with his arm wrapped around me. I had woken up around 2 and even though I tried to be quiet, Niall woke up. We both went to my room and we fell asleep in there.

I rushed out of bed and ran down the stairs, two by two. I burst into the kitchen to find my dad reading the newspaper, my mum cooking something that smelt delicious and my brother on his phone. "Morning, has anyone seen Niall?" I asked urgently.

My dad's head rose up, my mum turned around and my brothers head and eyes stayed fixed on his phone. "No, darling, is everything alright?" my mum asked. "Er, yeah," I said but it wasn't. Niall wouldn't just leave like this, something was wrong and I had a terrible feeling that it had something to do with the thing I didn't know about.  

"Why don't you go to Maura's, I'm sure he got a call or something and had to go home," my dad said reassuringly. I nodded and sent him a crooked smile. "Thanks dad, I will be back later," I called grabbing my jacket and racing out of my house.

Niall's house wasn't that far away from me. It was a 5 minute walk but 3 minutes run and I was planning to run. 3 or so minutes later I arrived and knocked on the door, panting like a dog. Maura opened the door with a bright smile but when her eyes dropped on me, turned to sorrow and pity, also guilt.

"Hi May, how are-" "Hi Maura, I was wondering if you had seen Niall?" I interrupted her. Her eyes widened and she shook her head. "I can't believe him," she mumbled. I stared at her in confusement. "What? What did he do?" I asked desperately.

Maura looked at me and sighed," he left May. He left to Britain. Apparently, he wants to start again there but I assumed that you two had broken up. I'm so sor--" But I didn't hear the rest. I turned away and sprinted, tears spilling down my face. There were so many tears, I could hardly see and had to stop and just fall to the ground.

I felt so weak and tired. Why had he left? What did I do wrong?

// Present Time //

I sat up, sweat mixed with tears dripping from my body. I had a pounding headache and the cuts on my arms were stinging. That was the last day I ever heard from Niall. The last day I ever spent with him. The last day I had touched, kissed or spoken with him. 


SO there is the first chapter!! I hope you liked it :) In the next few chapters, I will hopefully be able to dedicate chapters to people but seeing as this was the first chapter, I can't. 

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