This is a story about Virus' and the concequences of dedicating your whole time on something that simply can't be done without being a genious.


1. Virus


      A small picture popped up on the computer. The name said it was ‘jonnyllk1’ He was a boy in my year at school and we’re also in some classes together. Suddenly, there was a bleep. Then popped up a message which said, ‘hey Liz! Have u heard about the thing that’s being sent everywhere? Well, it’s called ‘home economics tricks’. It’s a virus, so don’t open it. I don’t know who’s started it, but who eva it waz is immense!’ Yes, unfortunately, that is how people write things these days. I had heard of the virus. And I was the one who had tried to figure it out. I had no idea who made it though. It all started about a week after I got my end of term report. For some reason, I got a C-  in IT. So, I wanted to teach my teacher a lesson by proving that I was worthy of doing something extraordinary like, maybe, making my own computer like Apple did. But failed. And then, a couple of kids from school started to talk about how this thing in blue writing was a virus. Then it came to me; I’ll make a virus! But where to start? So, instead, I was to try and figure out about a virus and what happens to it, where it starts and how it gets there. But, there was one problem: I had to block everyone out, and that was hard. Way harder than maths could ever be, even harder than doing the Nessie play in English.


     One day, I walked into school; my laptop was already out and had been since the night before. I walked past all of my friends chatting on a nearby table and went to sit alone on a table far, far from their one. I had to be focusing in order to do this thing. I saw Luke and guess what? He asked me out! Of course, I said yes! But then I realised, I had to focus on figuring out what makes a virus.


       After the day was over, I got home and called Luke to say that unfortunately I had to cancel on the date because I had to concentrate on my work.


       As the week went on, I lost friend after friend and never got any further to figuring out the virus. It almost killed me. By the time I’d been convinced to give up, I was in the hospital because during the six months I’d refused to eat. I’d lost almost 23lb because of that stupid idea. When I was aloud out of the hospital, I got to school and had lost all of my friends. Not even one of them took notice of me. That’s what you get for spending your time on something that couldn’t be done.


                                                                        Why did I even try? Why? Why? Why?   


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