This is a short story about a female vampire trying to protect her baby from those who want to kill it. She is chased by a species called the Fallen, a evil race trying to kill this baby because its half vampire half wolf.


1. The Beginning......





I ran through the darkened woods. My blond hair billowing around my face and my baby clutched to my chest. His young body, chilled in the harsh winter air. Only a little further. My heart was pounding relentlessly, my feet thumping heavily on the frozen floor . The thick oak trees surrounded me , comforting as leaves crunched under my numb feet. I saw him now tall and fearless in the night. He stalked away from the tree he had been leaning against. He wanted my baby! I refused to allow this. No matter what, I had to save my baby. He would never belong to ... him! I tread down the wind-hardened slope towards him. With my mind trapped in my thoughts i did not notice the pack of eight strong bulky men who surrounded me. men who opened there jaws to reveal four layers of lethal sharpened to maim, fangs! I looked around, I noticed them all, I screamed.




Colt woke. He gazed around him absently wondering where he was. He cursed under his breath. he was with his father; the cruel heap of a man who sired him into the world and grudgingly so. Colt hated him with a vengeance. He walked down the corridor to his fathers study, as he entered the room, light assaulted him. His hands shot up to cover his eyes from the glow as the monster of a man in front of him gripped him roughly by the throat. Colt chocked desperately for breath as his mind spun. He was going to pass out! the last thing he saw was his brothers blood red eyes as he plunged a knife into his chest. 




Colt was in my dreams. The sound of his name made me want to vomit. He held my baby! He cruelly squeezed her body in his unrelenting vice like grip, he was going to kill her. I had to get her... I had to get... I had to ...  

I slowly woke up. My mind unfurling slowly, scattered thoughts coming together so fast and steady. Something was watching me, I looked around. The familiar blue walls  gazed back at me. I turned with a yelp "Aaaggh" I stepped attentively toward the opposing heavy oak door, my hand reaching out inching closer and closer, my hand turning the handle. The door crashed open like a bomb had exploded in my face. I screamed. the beast in-front of me held eyes like the devil himself blood red and glimmering with unconcealed hatred; scales covered his body along with spikes so sharp, to look at them you feared them. I felt adrenalin coarse through my body as I ran for the door. I was running for my life.





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