Nature sometimes finds the answers we are looking for.

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1. Happy

Walking into a trail of discoveries. 


            Full of unexpected delights.


Crunch, swish, every leaf of auburn reds and metallic hues.  


The cattail moves with the breeze, so calm. You dare to think it peaceful


Chaos shakes though the trees, tickling the branches. 



pulls you farther into the forest of unknown.


Black birds swoop throughout the trees. Crunching down because of what we observe only in our every day , we don’t notice how freely and elegant they  are.


 Not the annoying bird we see, 

            but the simple black bird of the forest.



truly happy you can continue to observe. 


Crunch swish, cru—you tracks stop, and your heart might as well. Your next turn revels the lake you have always noticed. Unlike before, the lake at this angle takes your breath away. A white pelican, fly’s effortlessly around, circling the glass like lake.  



closing your eye, soaking everything in.


 a strange , white fuzz draws you toward the ground. 



Soft as silk, and light as fire. 



A time, like all the other seasons, doesn’t stop, changing every second.



of the reasons we search so eagerly. 



A trail of unexpectedness  

                Delightful discoveries.

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