My Superhero

Clare Sampson and Harry Styles have been dating for the summer. They live right next door to each other. What will happen when Clare has to leave for college and One Direction has to go on another world tour? Will their love stay bonded or will they start to drift? They will have to find a way to handle being away from each other when they were so used to being together every single day.


1. Missed You

Please read my other Movella called Give Me A Chance in order to understand this one. Thanks(:


Clare's POV

It's the last month of our summer together. Harry Styles and I have been dating for a little over 2 months and we couldn't be happier together. We only have a month to spend together before I go off to college at UCLA in the fall and Harry and the rest of One Direction go on another tour. They've been on break all summer. It's the beginning of August and I leave in the beginning of September, but Harry leaves before me. Their tour officially starts in the UK in the first week of September and I am not looking forward to the day I'll have to say good bye. Thankfully, we both have our private beach houses where none of the fans or press know where they are located considering we can barely leave the house without being swarmed by 'Clarry' fans. That's what One Direction's fans call us. The hate has tremendously stopped. Every once in a while I do get a nasty tweet on twitter, but I've learned to ignore them. My car that broke down in the beginning of summer has been fixed for a while now. The only reason I chose to stay with my parents is because I should be there for Luke and Sarah, and of course, because of Harry. He has been so good to me. He's so sweet and has not failed to make me feel like the only girl in the world. Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn are practically my brothers. Speaking of siblings, Luke and Sarah are off at summer camp until the week before school starts. It's an elite camp that I've gone to every summer until I graduated high school. It's in Southern California and mainly celebrities send their kids there. It's the traditional summer camp with horse back riding, canoeing, rock climbing, you know, the usual. But, the kids stay in huge rooms that are fully furnished. There's also a day spa and a huge sports complex. Concerts are held there every other friday for the campers and the fridays that aren't full of music, they have this huge bon fire party. I kinda miss my camp days, but I'm too old. I was sitting on my king sized bed in my room at my parents house. Yes, I'm still staying here. My dad still distances himself away from me, only because I tend to get angry at him a little too much. A few weeks after Harry and I became a couple, our family found out that my dad's cheating scandal was true. My mom was devastated and kicked my dad out of the house. I was at Harry's when she found out, but once I came home that night, I couldn't find her downstairs so I went upstairs. I heard Sarah bawling. I ran to her room and found her curled up on her bed, crying. Luke was next to her, crying too. But he also looked confused, as if he didn't know what was going on. I took one look at them and immediately wrapped my arms around them, not daring to ask what happened. She finally sobbed, "The rumors. They're true." I felt my heart collapse. But I didn't dare cry. I wasn't surprised at this. Somewhere, deep down, I knew they were true. And then I remembered the phonecall I overheard my dad with. He was telling someone to leave him alone and that he had a family. Luke looked up at me, "Mommy and Dad were yelling. It was scary. What's going on?" I just kissed his forehead and rustled his hair. I soon found out later that Luke and Sarah were upstairs when a lady with blonde hair came to the house, drunk. She was slamming on the door, begging for my dad. My mom answered the door and she immediately recognized the woman from all the magazines that showed her with my dad. "Please, tell Richy that I miss him and need him!" My mom slammed the door in her face and slid down the door to the floor with silent sobs. 
"What was that?" My dad came in.
"Is it true?" She demanded to know. 
My dad looked out the window and saw the blonde lady wobbling to her car. He swore underneath his breath. 
"Is it true?" She screamed at him in between loud sobs. At this point, Luke and Sarah crept to the top of the stairs to spy.
He didn't answer her.
"Tell me the truth, Richard!" She yelled in anger, partially already knowing the truth. 
"Yes, but-" My dad started.
My mom immediately broke out in loud sobs.
"Why would you do this to me?!" She screamed, grabbing the nearest object, which was a vase, and chucked it at him. She missed her aim and it shattered on the ground. 
"Look, Amy, let me explain!" tears were forming in my dad's eyes. 
"No!" She was on her feet now heading for my dad, "You don't deserve an explanation! You lied to me! You ruined are family! Was I not good enough for you? I loved you!" She screamed and cried at the same time.
"Please, listen!" He asked.
"Never! There's nothing to listen to!"
"The kids, Amy. They can probably hear, please lower your voice!" 
"That's right, the kids! You lied to them too! How could you?" She was crying violently. 
"I want you out, now." She declared and pointed to the door.
"Amy, I can't leave you and the kids!"
"Go to that little whore because she's apparently better for you than me!" She cried.
"That is not true! I love you, Amy!  Please," he begged, "Let me tell you the truth."
"There is no truth. Now get out. And don't come back!" She shrieked.
My dad reluctantly left, not wanting to leave. A look of pain on his face. My mom sat on the ground and looked at the broken vase that represented her broken marriage. A week later, my mom got a letter in the mail from my dad. She wouldn't open it nor would throw it away. One day while she was in the shower, most likely crying, I snuck to her office and found the letter. I opened it carefully, reading it's context. 'Amy, please don't throw this away. I need you to listen to me. I didn't mean to. That crazy woman spiked my drink. I soon lost track of my thoughts and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a strange woman's bed. I immediately got out of bed, got dressed and left. But, she heard me get up and followed me  out the door of her apartment. That's when that photo of us was taken which started the rumors. That's all that happened and I regret not paying attention to anything that night. You're all I want in my life, only you. And I'll try my best to be a better father to the kids if you take me back. I promise. I also promise to be more understanding to Clare. The reason why I've been more strict to her, is because she reminds me too much of myself. Her short temper, all the trouble she got into in highschool, and just the thought that she might not be mine. But I forgave you for that mistake, so can you please forgive me for mine? Please, meet me at the Marriott Hotel at 7 on Saturday night, the 5th. The day before I leave to Texas to help out for preseason. Please, come. I'll be waiting at our usual spot at the restaurant. If you don't come, I'll be devastated. I love you. Love, Richard.' 
That was the end of the letter. What did he mean by that I might not be his? I can't believe this. But I've got to get my mom to that restaurant. That night, I showed my mom the letter and the following day was the 5th. She went to the restaurant and didn't come back that night. The next morning she came back with my dad who came to say good bye to us before he was going to leave. I barely said a word to him, but said bye and gave him a solum hug. Sarah said nothing. Just sat there on the steps. Luke, on the otherhand, was sad to see him leave and wouldn't stop clinging on to him. My dad left and the next time we would be seeing him is on September 10th, where we'll spend a week in Texas because my dad is being honored at a Cowboy's game. I'll have to take a week off of school, of course, and UCLA understands and would let me go, mainly because my parents donated a lot of money towards the school. That's what I hated, getting special treatment because my parents had money. I never asked my mom what my dad meant by that I might not be his. My phone buzzed, interrupting my thoughts about my family. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my phone it was from 'My Superhero.' Yes, I still have Harry's contact saved as that. My heart immediately flipped as I looked at the message. 
My Superhero: I love you!<3
I loved getting these non-expected texts.
Me: You too!
My Superhero: Guess what?
Me: What?
My Superhero: I told you to guess!!!
Me: Uhhmmm, the guys shaved your head in your sleep and now there's a huge controversy going around that your amazing hair controlled the gravitational force of the earth so now everyone is going to slowly float up into space?(;
My Superhero: This is why I love you... Haha but no. I have free time!
Me: When will you be home? 
My Superhero: About 20 minutes.
Me: I'll be there in 30?
My Superhero: You better.
I laughed and closed my phone. One Direction have been gone for a week learning new routines for their songs and also recording a few new ones. They've been working non-stop. They're got to do this once more too at the end of the month, but only for a few days. That means, I haven't seen Harry in a week and I've missed him so much. 
I decided to finally change out of my pajamas and finally get something done. I jumped in the shower and quickly washed my hair. After I got out, I combed my hair and let it air dry. It started getting curly, the way it usually does. I threw on jean shorts and a tee-shirt from my highschool soccer days. I checked my phone and it's been 20 minutes. Might as well start heading. I slipped on athletic sandals, grabbed my phone, and left my room.
"I'm going to Harry's!" I yelled across my house.
"Okay, have fun! Be safe!" I heard my mom call. I silently laughed to myself as I went out the upstairs balcony. I walked down the stairs to the deck and then went to the beach. After a few moments, I walked past the place where Harry first told me he loved me. It was the same place that we kissed for the second time, right after that fight we had before we were dating. I could remember the day perfectly. It was a little over a week since we've been dating. After a movie night with the guys, Harry and I walked outside and took a walk along the beach. We were laughing and holding hands the whole way. Once back at the house, we layed in front of his house on the sand about 10 feet away from the shore. We were watching the stars. Our backs in the sand, we were hand in hand. I saw a star soar across the sky.
"Shooting star, make a wish!" I exclaimed.
"I don't need to," Harry said calmly.
"How come?" I asked while I turned my head to look at him.
He looked at me and gazed into my eyes, "Because I have everything I could ever wish for, right here, with me right now," He squeezed my hand and I felt butterflies once more. After a moment he smiled and said, "I love you, Clare." I felt my stomach do backflips and my heart melted with joy.
"I love you too, Harry," I told him honestly. He wrapped his arms around me and we cuddled in the sand, watched the stars, and whispered cute things to each other.
I smiled at the memory and soon got out of my thoughts as I reached the deck of One Direction's house. I didn't bother to knock, I just walked right in. I immediately heard the guys talking in the front room. I quietly snuck over there. I was almost there when I heard Harry say, "I've missed her so much."
"It's been a week," Zayn chuckled.
"Exactly! It feels like years," Harry dazed.
"Ah, young love," Louis said.
Harry was standing right by the doorway. I snuck up behind him, Louis saw me and I signaled for him to keep quiet. I pounced on his back, catching him off guard, "And I missed you too!" Harry's face immediately turned into a smile as I hugged him from behind. He turned and held me tight, softly kissing me on the lips. 
"Get a room!" Niall shouted.
"Gladly," Harry winked as he picked me up bridal style and ran up the stairs to his room. He plopped me on his bed as we were both in a fit of laughter. 
"So what do you wanna do?" He asked me while he lied down on his back and stared at the ceiling.
"Uh, doesn't matter."
"The mall?" 
"Harry, remember the last time we went to the mall?" I adjusted my position to my side and so did he so so were looking at each other. 
"Yeah, we got swarmed."
"And?" I egged him on to continue.
"We were all over twitter."
"I don't think there is another and," Harry said slowly.
"Yeah there is," I smirked.
"Then what is it?"
"Well," I scooted closer to him, "We couldn't do this," I whispered as I leaned in to kiss him. He kissed me back and we deepened the kiss. This time, it felt much more passionate than others. We were on his bed, making out. Things started to get heated up and I felt Harry tug at my shirt. 
"Harry. No," I said between kisses.
He continued to tug. I broke away from him and sat back down on the bed. 
"What's wrong?" Harry asked.
"You know exactly what it is," I looked into his green eyes but they weren't as bright as usual. 
"I thought the time was right," He smirked with a flirtatious smile.
I didn't give in. He wiped the smile off of his face and put his arm around me, "I'm sorry for pressuring you." 
"I know you are," I said honestly, "And I'm sorry for making you wait."
"Oh, then why wait?" He said flirtatiously. 
"I don't want to talk about it," I told him and he shut his mouth, not knowing what to say. After a few moments of awkwardness, his face turned to anger, "Did someone rape you?" 
"Harry, I said I don't want to talk about it," I reminded him.
"Fine, but if you don't talk, I'm going to automatically assume the worst!"
"You do that," I laughed. 
Right then, my stomach growled. 
"I take it your hungry?" He laughed as it rumbled once more.
"Just a little."
"Okay, lets go get some food," he gestured for the door. 
I hopped off of his bed, made sure my hair wasn't messy, and left his room. I led the way downstairs and as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I yelled, "Getting lunch! Anyone want to come?!" 
In about 5 seconds Niall appeared at the top of the stairs, "Where we going?"
"Don't know yet," Harry said.
"We'll go," Liam and Zayn walked out of the kitchen.
"Yeah, I guess I'll come too," Louis came in from the living room.
"So Im taking it that we're taking the SUV?" I asked.
"Yes mam," Harry smiled at me.
We were all in the car, driving through town for a place to eat. 
"Where to?" Louis asked, who was driving.
Niall was about to open his mouth to speak, but Zayn interrupted him, "Niall, there's no Nando's." We all laughed at Niall's disappointed face. Harry and I were sitting in the way back by ourselves. Niall and Liam were sitting in the middle section and Louis was driving while Zayn was in the passenger seat. Harry kept on slowly creeping his hand up my leg. 
"Stop," I whispered trying to hide my laughter.
Harry put on an innocent face and swiped his hand away, "Aw, come on!" He begged.
I shook my head with a small smile, "Nope."
He put a devious look on his face and started poking my arm. "Hey!" I poked him back. Then he poked me again. In a matter of moments, we were in a full out poke war.  We were both laughing loudly while poking each other.
"Hey, you kids! Keep you're hands to your selves!" Louis yelled from the front seat with a smirk.
"But I can't! I mean, have you not seen this girl?" Harry responded as he wrapped his arms around me. I leaned into Harry as he held me in his arms. I felt a slight blush appear on my cheeks. I scooted to the middle of the back seat and put my feet up on the seat that I was just at. I was nuzzled into Harry and I was still engulfed in his arms. 
"You guys are too cute," Liam observed. 
"Awe why thank you!" I gushed and looked into Harry's bright green eyes. He looked into mine also and a smile appeared on my face. He kissed my forehead and leaned in to my ear, "I love you," he whispered. 
I lifted my head a few inches so it was right next to Harry's. I was gazing in to his eyes, "I love you too," I whispered right before I brushed my lips against his. I felt him smile and then I pulled away.
He groaned and stuck out his bottom lip to pout. 
"Aw, come on. Don't be such a tease," he whined as he leaned in for another kiss.
I couldn't resist so I leaned in as well. 
"Hey guys," Louis yelled to us once again.
"Hmm?" Harry said between kissed.
"I wish to notify you that I have now been promoted to PDA police and you two are breaking the laws."
I couldn't stop but laugh at Louis' comment.
"Ow! You bit me," Harry said as he put his fingers to his lips. 
"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me make it better," I giggled as I leaned in to kiss his mouth. I pulled away, "Better?"
"Oh definitely."
"Thankfully, we are here," Liam said loudly.
"Yes! I'm starving!" Niall exclaimed. 

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