A chapter in my wonderful life

This is something I just did for fun. Comment if you like it or find things relatable. Or just enjoying the simplicity of it!


1. All together wonderful!


When life is amusing and rather unchanging you find yourself in a line of despair.

Thee unwanted thoughts of mistaken regret break you down..........


BUT I’ve got a plan, a glorious plan. So if you stick with me I will share them with you and it will be

           All together Wonderful.


You’ll be unchanging beauty, dazzling joy, mysteriously loving and all together wonderful. You wont have to worry,cause you’ll be too busy learning about this glorious life.  


    This life you have always had but never seen before. This life to find,  

    to discover, explore with all the endless, Not mistaken, never breaking



When you walk on the shores of adventure, you won’t tremble from the past fears but look forward to the exciting future. You’ll see life as treasure, a rare gem from above. 

You’ll be wonderfully creative, thoughtful and beautiful and All together Wonderful. 



You will walk this word with undefined joy, never stepping on others glory, but lifting up their talents. 


You’ll be never ending courages, spot on different, special, unique and All together Wonderful!


You will think and listen with extraordinary, timeless compassion.


And  you will Always remember with simple guidance that you are and Always will be                 


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