One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction imagines. To request one comment with your name, which boy, stuff about yourself, and what you'd like it to be (ex: cute, romantic....ect). I hope you like them please give feed back its very helpful :) thanks- Sara ^-^


1. Alex and Liam

I walked through the door of Toys R Us on a mission to look for a Nerf Gun, I'm gonna play a little prank on my little brother later.  

I wandered around Toys R Us for a while looking for the Nerf Gun. I never realized how big this store actually was. Shesh I could easily get lost in here. 

After a while I finally found the isle that had the Nerf Guns. Score I got the last one. I went to grab the gun when another hand went to grab it too.

"Oh did you want this?"

"Yes I do. I need it to play a prank on my little brother." I said. I looked up from our hands which were both on the package. Looking down at me were these big brown eyes that belong to the one and only Liam Payne from the famous boy-band One Direction. "Never mind you can have it," I said shyly.

"Thanks love," he said with a smile, "I'm Liam."

"I'm Alex."

"Nice to meet you Alex. Well I have to go see you later love." He waved good bye and left with the last Nerf Gun in his hands.

I left the store with out what I went there for, so it was a pointless trip. Well on the bright side I just met the real Liam Payne! Oh well got to go meet up with my friends, Patti and Mia, at Nandos. They finally built a Nandos on the east coast of the U.S. and not just in the freaking middle of the country like it was.

Mia and Patti were already at Nandos when I got there. We got our food and then went outside to go find somewhere to set up and eat since it was such a glorious day outside.

We were finished eating and we sat around talking when I got hit in the back of the head with something. I turned around and picked up a Nerf dart that I guess hit me in the head.

"Sorry 'bout that! Can we have that back, please," yelled a boy with a beautiful British accent. I watched him run over, he had two Nerf Guns in his hands, and when he got closer I realized it was Liam again! Randomly he froze in place about ten feet away from me and my friends. He looked like he was changing different shades of red.

The rest of One Direction came running up behind him with two Nerf Guns in each hand. "Come on Liam hurry! Harry and Louis are winning!!" said Niall.

"Liam?" Zayn waved his hand in front of Liam's face.

"Hey Liam. Nice to see you again." I smiled.

"....H...Hi..." he said.

"Hey do you girls want to play with us we have some extra Nerf Guns." asked Niall.

"Sure I'll play! It sounds like a lot of fun!" said Mia, "I'm Mia, this is Patti, and that is Alex." 

"I'll play too! What about you Alex?" Patti said. Harry gave Patti one of his guns and Niall gave Mia one of his.

'Ya I'll play!" I said taking a gun that Liam handed me.

The boys explained how to play and the rules. "Okay so we need to split up into teams. So there are 8 of us and its 2 people per team-" Harry said. "I'M ON ZAYN'S TEAM!!!" Louis screamed interrupting Harry.

"Okay so it will be Zayn with Louis on one team and we should do one girl per guy to make sure they understand how to play." said Harry, "So how about Patti with me, Niall with Mia, and Liam with Alex." I looked over at Liam who was still red from before but now looked like a brighter shade and I was exactly like him BRIGHT red. 

Louis and Zayn put their extra guns with our stuff and the game began. Liam and I ran and hid behind the trees. We stood there going back and forth about a plan and eventually settled on one.

I shot at Niall and Mia and got them put then Liam shot at Louis and Zayn so they both got out when they passed by. We changed hiding places trying to find Harry and Patti. When I spotted them I called out, "OMG PATTI LOOK IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER!" She ran out from her hiding place, "WHERE!!??" she and Niall said. I shot at Patti but Harry jumped in front of her to keep her from getting out. Then as Harry hit the ground Liam shot and got Patti out!

"WE WON WE WON!!" Both Liam and I were jumping up and down. He wrapped me in and hug and I hugged him back. When we pulled apart our eyes met and Liam leaned in and kissed me.

We cleaned up from our Nerf battle.

"Hey Alex come here!" Liam called me over. I walked up to him. "So I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me sometime?"

"Yes I'd love to!" I smiled.

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