The New One

Zoey moves to a new house in a new state, her niebors are 5 extremely hot guys, she is in love with Harry, but, Harry doesn't love her, Niall loves her, she doesn't like Niall, but sooner or later he has to deal with them no matter how annoyed she is, they could turn out to be her own love story.


1. The Move

"Tell me why we had to move" I asked my dad turning towards him in the passenger seat.

"I already told you 8 times, my job got switched here so instead of living in Minnesota we are living in New York" my dad said to me with his eyes still on the road

"This is pathetic" I said crossing my arms and shaking my head

"Your going to love it here!" My dad said punching my arm playfully

"Ya right" I snapped back at him

He shook his head and turned back to the road. We have been driving for hours, I littery think my butt is numb. There better be a good excuse for this. I just could believe I had to leave my friends, my school, and my family, this is unbelievable. I can't cant live like this, how could he do this to me?! Ya I know his job got switched here, and I can't do anything about it. Ya sure I'm glad he loves his job, and he's my only father, but ya know, whatcha gonna do?

4 long quiet hours later, we are in New York, but not New York City, New York the state. We turned on Albert ave. we pulled up to a green house with lots of flowers, bushes, a 2 way side walk, it looked like a 2 story house, probly because it was on a hill. 

"Come on, I need help getting everything inside" my dad said opening my door. I got unbuckled and hopped out of the car, I shut the car door and opened the back door. I got my bag with half of my clothes in it from the back seat. I shut the back door and headed down the 3 steps connected to the 2 way side walks. I walked up to the porch, there was a lot of spider webs in all of the corners. I walked in a room that appeared to be a kitchen. It had orange walls, a sliding glass door, and a island between the refrigerator, and a office type thing. I turned around and went in another room, this one appeared to be the living room, brown walls with 2 windows in the front showing the road, along with a stairwell, connected to the living room was 2 long hallways, the first on was at the front of the house had a closet in it and the room was the dinning area it appeared to look like. I walked out of there and headed to the other hallway, in this one it had a small bathroom with blue walls and 1 window, and on the other side there was 2 doors in the corner, the first door was leading down to the basement, the other door looked like a huge bed room, it was probly the same size as the dinning room, there was 2 glass doors that opened to a very small balcony. This, however, caught my eye, there was some boys yelling outside, I put my bag on the floor and opened both of the doors and stepped out on the small white balcony. These guys were playing soccer and yelling. I must have sat there watching them for about a good 5 minutes, the one with the blonde hair pointed at me and I could hear him ask "who's that?" All the guys looked up to where I was. 

"Oh noo" I said to myself turning my head to the opposite direction 

"Hey! What's your name?!" The one with the buzzed hair cut said. And I realized something, all of these guys were EXTREMELY attractive, one had curly brown hair, one had blonde hair, one had a buzzed haircut, one had short brown hair and the last one had black hair that stood up perfectly. I was still angry that I had to move away so I gave them a rude answer "ya, like I'll tell you"

"Oh come on!!! Tell us!" The one with the short brown hair said

"Why?" I asked crossing my arms

"We want you to come down here and play with us!" The one with the curly hair said

"No I'm not going to tell you my name" I said arguing

"Come on!!!" They all whinnied 

"Ok, fine" I said giving in "my name is Zoey" I said 

They all looked at each other and I start heading off the balcony I was half way to be in my room, then they started shouting/singing my name

"Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, Zoey" they all sang

I turned back around to them "what?!" I yelled over their singing 

"Come down here!" The one with the black hair that stood up

"No!" I hollered back I went back in my room and they started singing my name again, I tried to ignore them. I closed the doors and went back to the front yard to help out. I hopped into one of the moving trucks and grabbed a box I carried inside and into my room, I sat down in the middle of my room, I opened the box and pulled out photos of family and friends, I was looking through all the pictures remembering all the good times. I came across one of me, my mom, and my dad. My mom passed away when I was 7, she had breast cancer. "I miss you mom" I said and I looked up at the ceiling as if I could see her, I looked back down to the photo and kissed my mom and I put the photo up to my chest as if I was hugging it. I put the photos away back in the box and stood up and headed back outside to finish helping.

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